Saturday, April 6, 2013

Almost Everything You Wished For

Make sure to include EVERYTHING in your wish!

So I've had this idea rolling around my head for a while.  The basics goes like this:  a friend wishes his buddy to turn into the girl of his dreams.  Beautiful, wealthy, talented, always horny and of course madly in love with him.  But he forgets the last part, making his friend into a beautiful, wealthy, talented and always horny woman... just one that doesn't love him.  She then uses her money to entrap her former friend and punish him incessantly by using her money and his lust toward her.  I guess I have to give credit to Smitty as he's made a lot of caps recently involving a sissy entrapping and torturing her former friends 

I didn't intend on even trying this cap today, but after spending a couple hours on a cap for Tranzmute over at the haven and being unable to finish it, I figured I'd give another cap a try.  I didn't see anything interesting at fuskator, so I gave my old tried and true image search method a try... Google Images.  Surprisingly this image came up from the search terms "Sexy Woman Handjob" (yea... I was thinking of a dirty cap!).

I had seen this before on fuskator, but this search only turned up the single image.  I believe it's originally from (a great site with MANY sexy images and videos).  The lustfull yet slightly irritated look on her face reminded me of this idea and I took a swing for it.

Writing the story was fairly straightforward... it just took a little tweaking to give it that exasperated tone that I was looking for.  And I swear the longest part was considering whether or not to add a zinger to the end.  I was thinking of something like "Umm... Caitlyn?  This is exactly how I wished you to be!"

In the end, I wanted to give the reader the choice of whether the guy here wanted to be bossed around by a sexy bitch or not.  As the cap is kind of out of the box, I didn't consider making it for anybody but I did throw in some familiar names from other cappers just to have a little extra fun.

Anywho, I hope this brings about a giggle or even a full blown chuckle.


  1. Fool! Obviously someone hasn't played enough DnD. Nothing teaches you to word wishes carefully like a vindictive DM.

    Still, I get the feeling that we're all wrapped around Caitlyn's finger as much as Dean is. ;)

    1. HA! Yes, I had the memories of ruining many a D&D players wish as a DM while perverting this particular wish. Something that I hinted at but didn't spell out was that Dean's wish made him fall madly in love with his creation... so while he may not enjoy being her little cucky, he is forced to do it.

      And wow... I just re-read this for the first time since posting it. Man, did I make a lot of little errors in it!

  2. Mmmm. this is positively mouth watering Caitlyn.



    1. Thank you Leeanne! Somehow I figured you'd like this one quite a bit!

    2. I think you know me well. Hmmmm?

  3. I can only hope he appreciates the monster he's created. A beautiful, vindictive, Dominant woman with a lust that can't be satisfied for long. He should count his lucky stars, lots of guys would kill for a woman like that. So what if he didn't get exactly what he wished for? It's even better!