Monday, April 1, 2013

Monthly Report - March 2013

Serving up 119,606/172,835 Page Views
March was a good month here on Caitlyn's Masks.  Only four months have had higher page views (April, May, June, and July of 2012).  Considering that I only made 17 posts, 8 of which were my own original full fledged caps, I think that is something special.  Of the 'non cap' posts, 1 was the monthly report, 1 was a conversational post (about me being sad), 2 were unfinished 'failed' caps, 2 were collaborations made from one of the failed caps, 1 was a question (a funny one at that), 1 was a complaint about spam bots, and 1 was about an animated cap series from it12707.

In comparison, the months were I had more page views I made between 22 and 36 posts with an average of 22 new caps.  I can't imagine what my page views would be like now if I made 27 caps and 36 posts!

Anywho... on to the numbers:

  • Total Page Views: 119,606/172,835
  • Total Visits: 34,116 (Averaging 5.07 views per visit)
  • 29,559 Visits were from referals
    • 5,648 from
    • 2,469  from Smitty's TG Caps
    • 1,792  from
    • 866  from Rauk22 Captions
    • 788 from sp2000's TG Captions
  • 3,018 Visits were direct traffic
  • 1,539 found their way here via search

The search terms that brought the most people in include:  caitlyn's masks, tg captions,  sissy caps, and sissy seduction.  This is the first month in a long time that 'fuskator' wasn't in the top ten searched keywords.

This month's highest viewed caps were:

  1. Witness Protection - 5,063
  2. F.U.C.K.D. - 4,759
  3. More Than Skin Deep - 3,928
  4. There Is No Spoon - 3,864
  5. Lipstick Negotiation - 3,769
Just to show what difference a single month can make, last months top viewed cap ("Cupid's Arrow") with 3,680 page views wouldn't have even made this month's top five viewed caps!

While "F.U.C.K.D." didn't receive the most page views, I'd have to say it's the most popular this month.  It received 4,759 page views in just five days while "Witness Protection" took 31 days to get 5,063.  Normally my personal favorite cap of the month is one of the less popular caps, but "F.U.C.K.D." was my favorite this month.  It's one of those rare times that I was able to fit a more complex story into a two panel cap.  And while it certainly can't be considered clean, it's not nearly as 'smutty' as the others this month.  

Design wise I was particularly proud of "Getting The Gig".  I used an older design set for it, but it still felt fresh and new.  At least it did to me.  It didn't get all that many page views (1,873), but I chalk that up to the fact that it was the third cap to be based on the same story ("Sing Sing Sing", and "Lipstick Negotiation"). 

I was also surprised that "we're all SLAVES to something" didn't get more page views at 1,718.  It's design is simple and clean, but I thought it had enough oomph to get people to enjoy the story.  

I'd like to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone that responded to my "Save me..." post, both in public here and in private.  I was feeling really REALLY down and you all made me feel better. I don't want to jinx it or anything, but hopefully I can have a joyous post in April that will counterbalance "Save me...".  I'm in consideration for a nurses job!

I can't imagine April being as good as March, but I do hope to be more productive. As always, thank you for viewing this and visiting the blog!


  1. Glad to hear you had a great month and hopefully an even better April. I've got what could be some big news later on my blog. We shall have to see if everything plays itself out right.

    I put you down on the prayer card yesterday at Easter service, but they didn't read it out loud. I mean, who wouldn't pray for a "big titted, intensely creative, masked woman with an oral sex fixation that needs a nursing job!" Half the congregation probably would've offered help themselves if they knew you personally!

    1. Aww... thanks Dee! Hopefully the prayers will help push me over the edge into gainful employment!

    2. I'm praying for you too! I so want you to get this job.



  2. Love your captions. keep on writing them :)
    check out mine -