Saturday, April 13, 2013

LtSL: Vows

Sissies just love weddings!

So I came across this very sexy bridal set of images recently.  The first idea I had was of a man proposing to a girl from an avant garde family who always supported cutting edge social reforms.  When he proposes to her, she says that her family demands that she enter into a homosexual marriage as it will help propel the national discussion.   I'm sure you can see where it went from there....

The biggest problem I had even before stating to write the story out, was that the introduction to the story would take a bit to set up.  And if I wanted to have anything of the transformation in the story, it would easily need two panels.  As I only had images of the two brides together, I'd have to bend pretty far to get the story to work.... maybe having the story start with their kiss, then moving back to tell the beginning...

While I loved the images, I wasn't in enough love with the story to go through that.  So I saved the set back and moved on to other projects.

Come to this morning, and I didn't have any other projects so I took another look at these images.  When I pulled up this image of the kiss the first thought to cross my mind was actually of Sara's recent post about a sissy getting married off by her mistress. Of course thoughts of Sara's blog makes me think of Leeanne as they both blog about being sissies.  And thinking of Leanne, reminded me of her reaction to my last LtSL cap... so why not make a sissy wedding!?

The story wrote out very easily using my normal LtSL formula;  write out a humiliating but arousing story of a sissy in the tone of an advertisement.

Nothing more to say about this as it uses the same LtSL layout and design.  Hope you all enjoy it!


  1. I absolutely love this caption! It's easily my favorite from this series - so squirmy and teasing! Great job with this - I hope we see more in this vein!

    1. Thanks tempestreturns!

      I don't ever really 'plan' on making LtSL captions... they're more of a way for me to use sexy images that I find when I can't get any other story out of them. Thankfully that happens often enough that I can practically guarantee that you'll see more!

  2. Dearest Caitlyn,

    You have such an intuitive sense for what makes sissies tick, it almost makes me wonder if you might be one too. I mean, who else but a sissy sees two beautiful women locked in an embrace and kiss, but notices the heels first? You tell me. But as for your caption, the image of a golden ring being placed on my sissy clit as a means of "marking her as forever yours," makes me so hard. I want that so badly. Thank you for that.

    Kiss kiss,


    1. Aww... thanks Leeanne! While I may not be a fully sissy on the outside, I certainly am on the inside. In that same place where I'm a woman, a mistress, a slave, a seductress, and every other feminine fantasy I've had.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the cap. It's fun to make these LtSL caps and it's easier to commit to making more when I know there is an appreciative audience for them!