Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Where Have You Been?

A guest cap from Petra... yes THAT Petra!!

So over on her blog Dee is working on a project so showcase some of the great capping artists that are no longer working.  Part of the project meant contacting Petra to see if Dee could post some of her work.  Well that got Petra thinking and... well... here is what she said:



Dee sent me a PM the other day asking about posting some of my caps on her blog and that got me thinking about making caps and missing it a little bit. Shortly after that, I stumbled across a pic that I thought would be perfect for a cap, and more specifically, perfect for a cap for you. Before I knew it, I had GIMP running and the cap was halfway done. I don't really want to post it at the Haven (I don't want anyone to get the impression that I'm becoming active again), but I want you to have it. 

This is that cap she spoke of.  And just like when we were trading back and forth on the Haven, she knocked this one out of the park.  It has just about everything I love in a caption... a guy fooling those around him while dressed up as a girl, a sexy dirty pic, the situation going to far... mmmm.....

Now if you enjoy caps like this as much as I do (and I know you do!), you need to head over to Rachel's Haven and take a look at Petra's other great caps.  I've posted one of hers here before ("Put To Good Use"), but she's done many MANY caps like this.  Even when Dee gets her project up and running, it will only contain a few captions, so the only way to get all of that Petra goodness will be to go to the Haven.

I could go on and on, but I'm going to head over there myself and take a walk down memory lane!


  1. Oh noes! I've been out-scooped on the Petra scene by Caitlyn! LOL

    I am actually so glad that I motivated her to send you something. It is probably more of a one-shot deal (sort of like you and Jason?!?) but anything new from Petra is always good news.

    Can you tell she's in a happy place now?

    1. I agree, this is more than likely a one shot deal for Petra. I wouldn't read anything more into it than she wanted to make a cap... certainly not that she's coming back.

      While I'm saddened by her continued absence, I'm overjoyed that she's in a happy place now.

  2. Petra hasn't lost her touch in the slightest. I always adored her work and I'm glad I got to enjoy some of it again.

  3. Had to take a look to seek if Ms. Masked posted this. I'm glad that you liked it Caitlyn. As you've noted previously, our preferences for captions always lined up fairly closely, so this was easy and fun to make.

    I'm not reentering the capping game, I just had the urge because of Dee's message, so BLAME Dee for this breaking of the silence from me.

    To answer Dee's question, I am in a happy place now. Happily married, happily keeping busy and happily having fun when I can.

    Hope you are all doing well and staying out of trouble.


    1. Of course I posted this! Can you imagine the reaction from all your fans if they found out that I received this sublime cap and DIDN'T share it? There'd be rioting in the streets!! Although to be honest, I almost didn't post it... just so I could watch that news report!

      I'm very happy that you are in a good place Petra. Feel free to stop by and say hi whenever you want!