Sunday, December 20, 2015

Fantasy Upgrade

Not all upgrades are worth it!

When Adam and his wife Sasha invited my girlfriend Kiera and I on a Fantasy Beach vacation with them we jumped at the chance.  We’d heard of the rumors of course… that they could make any fantasy come true and knew that we could never afford it on our own.  On the flight there Adam gave me some advice that of course included his condescending attitude.  He told me that as it was our first time, Kiera and I should opt for separate fantasies.  He said that he and Sasha had a combined fantasy that they wanted to experience and we could all still meet up in the evenings, but that it took a really special relationship to share fantasies.  He also said that Kiera and I should be as specific as possible as unintended consequences could ruin a newbies first experience if they weren’t open to it. 

I huffed a bit at the mere thought that Kiera and I didn’t have as special relationship as Adam and Sasha or that we weren’t as opened minded as them.  When we arrived at the reception suites all four of us entered our booths and wrote out our fantasy week.  Wanting to prove everybody wrong I checked the box for a shared fantasy with Kiera and left all the details up to her.  When I saw Kiera’s fantasy appear on the screen I felt myself get hard just imagining how it would incorporate me into it. 

--I want to have a bisexual experience with a beautiful submissive girl.  I want her to follow every command I give but to do so reluctantly.  I want to see the struggle in her eyes, but never hear her question me or refuse any command –

What really took me by surprises was Kiera fantasizing about being the dominant in a relationship.  She had always been more on the submissive side.  But as I pictured Kiera and I together dominating a sexy subby girl I immediately clicked the ‘Accept’ button. 

Now a day later, I realize my mistake.  Nowhere in Kiera’s fantasy did it say we would be doing this together… so her fantasy and my acceptance of it changed me into the girl.  The submissive girl.  My body was perfection itself… curvy, smooth, and oh so sensitive.  The fantasy even covered my demeanor.  As much as I wanted to tell Kiera it was me, I couldn’t force the words out.  It was obvious that Kiera could see my struggles, but she obviously took them for submissive reluctance as she’s just giggle and call me her pretty girl. 

Our first day was spent being pampered.  Or rather Kiera was pampered while I submitted to various humiliations.  Kiera got a long sensual massage Swede with huge hands while I kneeled next to her.  Kiera had a lovely lunch while I was commanded to join the wait staff and serve all the men in the restaurant their drinks.   When one gentleman in particular pulled me into his lap I tried to get away from him but heard Keira clearly from across the dining area tell me to thank the nice man appropriately.  While she enjoyed her desert I spent 10 minutes on this man’s lap having him grope and kiss me. 

I had hoped to catch Adam and figure out a way to tell him what was going on, but Kiera skipped our scheduled meetup and instead took me to her suite.  I was a little excited at the thought of experiencing lesbian sex with my girlfriend, but that turned out to be different than I thought.  I was lashed to the bed while Kiera alternatively sat on my face and pinched my nipples, or pulled on a double ended strap on dildo and fucked me with it.  She particularly enjoyed my whimpering moans and worked hard to illicit more and more of them from me. 

The next morning we went out to the beach.  Kiera seemed to revel in going out nude and I could feel every set of eyes wandering over my jiggling body.   When we came up to the beach volleyball area I saw Adam playing with some other guy but just as I couldn’t talk out of turn to Kiera, it seems I couldn’t talk to him.  When Kiera asked Adam where Sasha was he just blushed and indicated the other guy.  It seems that Sasha’s fantasy was experiencing life as a man.   Adam said that after some sport they were going to find some woman and have a little more sexual fun.  Kiera seemed intrigued and offered herself to Sasha, saying that she knew just how to introduce her to that kind of fun. 

I have to admit I was aroused at the thought of my girlfriend having sex with the masculine form of Adam’s wife.  But when she kneeled before Sasha she commanded me to join her and kneel before Adam.  Every struggle I tried failed and I felt Adam’s hand guide my open mouth over his hardening shaft.  As I felt my head pulled back and forth and listened to Adam’s growing moans of pleasure I saw Kiera pull away from Sasha and l look up at our friends.

“Hey… maybe we can have some extra fun with this.  I’m not really getting into my own fantasy and was hoping to have Adam join me with my girl here… but why don’t I stay with Sasha for the week and show her all the ways its fun to be a man.  Adam, you can keep my girl here.  If we eventually meet up with Adam you two can share her/  Trust me… she’ll do everything you say and you’ll just love the way she whimpers and moans!”

My heart sunk as Adam’s hard cock started sneaking into my throat realizing that I still couldn’t balk or refuse.  I had just went from a humiliating week of being a submissive girl to my girlfriend to being the submissive girl to my friend!

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