Friday, December 11, 2015


What lengths would you go to for revenge?

Aww… they’re hugging each other!  Does this mean that Harry’s transformation and conversion is complete?  Can I take him home now? 

Not quite Mrs Carrington.  Harry has proven to be quite the challenge.  His body took to the physical transformation beautifully.  His smaller frame ensured that he’d be as feminine as any genetic woman.   You’d be surprised how many woman bring us big brutish men and expect us to perform mirriacles.  But Harry was easy in that regard… hormones, testosterone blockers, a little cosmetic surgery, nothing too extreme.  But mentally he was a tougher nut to crack.  Our hypnotic methods were only minimally successful.  The subliminal suggestions barely took hold.  And his outright defiance made person to person teaching nearly impossible.  The only way to get him to accept his new body and gender specific mannerisms that you ordered was to give him someone to change along with.  

We linked him up with several of our other projects, but their eventual acceptance of their fate made him unwilling to ‘save’ them.  We needed someone more personal to him. 

You know, she does look familiar.   Who is she?  Did you kidnap one of his friends and feminize them together?  That’s so devious!  Tell me it’s Chett… Chett was always encouraging Harry to be a womanizing asshole.   

Well… we did try that.  Chett took to his transformation sparingly quickly.  Far too quickly for Harry to keep up with.  Chett’s now living as a nanny in London.  Through some more therapy and psychoanalysis we came up with a solution.  Harry wouldn’t change alone.  Harry wouldn’t change to help a fellow subject, and Harry wouldn’t change to save his best friend.  His good nature wasn’t something we could use… so we went down the darker path.   For the past three months Harry has been changed up to our new beauty.  Every change that Harry accepts, his partner has to go through as well.  Harry seems single minded now and is working hard to change his partner into someone ultra-feminine. 

Oh that’s perfect!  But who in Harry’s life would he be willing to go through that for?  I mean that’s a pretty deep hatred you’d have to flame. 

Oh it was, but we found the perfect match.   It’s no wonder you recognize Harry’s partner as just a few months ago she was Wyatt.  I see by your expression that you now recognize your boyfriend.  It seems that Harry was very willing to feminize himself so long as we equally feminized the man that you wanted to replace him with. 

My Wyatt?  You changed my Wyatt into some girly girl!!??.... NOOOO!!!!

source:  fuskator


  1. Very good. Great Physiology and maybe Harry well have a little something to comfort him knowing he got some pay back on his Ex

  2. Nicely done. I'd like to volunteer for next month please

  3. Damn, that's brilliant!
    It's a much better version of the joke than the one which ends with, "And my third wish is for ONE of my balls to disappear!"