Sunday, December 27, 2015

Ugly Sweater Protection

Ugly Sweaters are very powerful!

When I couldn’t afford to head home during the semester break Randy invited me to his parents place for Christmas.  I didn’t know Randy all that well but he was a good enough guy and spending Christmas with a strange family was certainly going to be better than spending it in the dorm alone.   While driving up to his childhood home, Randy told me that everybody was really easy going, but that there was one tradition that I’d have to follow… all the guys in the family wore nothing but ugly sweaters for the holiday.  I told him that I didn’t believe in owning ugly clothes so I’d have to just buck that particular tradition.  Randy flashed me the weirdest wink and said that it was completely my choice. 

Randy’s family was cool.  The strange thing was that every guy in their ugly sweats were all really handsome, where all the woman were…. well they were not pretty and some were downright ugly.  Mostly laid back but everyone seemed a little apprehensive of me wearing my red sweatshirt.  Every guy offered me one of their sweaters and I politely turned them all down.  By the time we all gathered around to exchange gifts Randy pulled me aside and said in a furtive whisper that I should really get one of the sweaters and put it on.  That their family’s sweater tradition was magic and that if I didn’t have one on he wouldn’t be responsible for what happened. 

I laughed off his warning and took my seat on the couch.  With Randy standing next to me his father stood up and started chanting in some weird language.  During his chant I saw everyone start to glow… except for the guys in their sweaters.  When I looked at my hands in my lap I saw that even I was glowing.  Turning I saw all the women with wide smiles on their faces as they slowly morphed from plain everyday women to beautiful sexy goddesses.  It wasn’t until I felt my hair brush past my ear that I realized I was changing too.  When I looked back down to my hands I saw that I no longer had jeans on… they my pants had changed to some kind of skirt.  That my hands looked small and effeminate especially with the nails painted a pretty pink.  I could feel my sweatshirt grow loose around my waist and tight around my chest as my body took on an hourglass figure. 

When I turned to Randy ready to scream out my fear and frustration I saw that he was standing right next to me… holding his cock and pointing it toward me.  As the glow started to fade I could hear all the beautiful woman pairing off with their men, the sounds of passion surrounded me.  Randy’s hand pulled my long full hair out of the way and cupped the back of my head.  I’d love to say that he forced me to take him inside of my mouth… but I felt compelled to give him a blowjob. 

While I bobbed lovingly up and down on his thick shaft I heard Randy above me tell me that every woman here went through this.  That their gift every year was renewed beauty and life.  That every man’s gift was a loving woman.  And as he came thick gobs of cum into my mouth… as I felt compelled to swallow it all down… he added that next year would be very special as it would be our wedding day. 

source:  fuskator 

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