Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Getting a Discount

Getting a good deal is for suckers!

When John first saw the advertisement for the Fellatio world cruise he thought it was some joke.  But after quite a bit of research he found that it was completely legit.  Sure, woman’s groups all over the world protested it, but if you paid the exorbitant fee, you would travel to 30 different ports and be guaranteed at least one blow job in each one.  John started scrimping and saving every spare penny in hopes to make the 2015 holiday journey.  In every purchase he cut corners. 

He wouldn’t make a single purchase that wasn’t on sale.  He bought unbranded food and second hand clothes.  He moved into a cheaper apartment and traded in his car for a beater.  He dumped his girlfriend and stopped going out with friends… unless they were buying.  Saving money became a way of life for John.  So when he found a way to get a discount on the cruise he jumped at the chance.   The idea of working on the cruise wasn’t too bad as the ad put it:

Put a little work in and save 50% on your cruise tickets!  At several ports you’ll be required to assist some of our clients, but you’ll never lift a finger on the cruise ship itself.  Full training and uniforms provided.  See the world, save money, and get more we’ll even guarantee more blowjobs than any other paying customer!

John found out quickly that assistance required was in ports where there were less than enough qualified ladies to provide their oral skills.  The training was being bunked with the crew members, tied up, and giving blow jobs to all the workers who provided good customer service in the day.  The uniform included a realistic body suit in the ethnicity of the port at hand.  And it seemed that every single port was lacking in qualified willing ladies.  Now at port in Hong Kong we can see John in his uniform earning his trip’s fees.  They were honest though... most paying customers received one or two blowjobs at every port.  John gave at least fifty. 

source:  fuskator

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  1. Well, written. I think she's doing it wrong though!

    BTW, I made a caption that "stars" you a couple days ago. Figured you might want to take a look.