Monday, December 28, 2015

It's Not What It Looks Like!

Let me explain!

Wait!! Lilly, it’s not what it looks like!  Well…. Yeah there is a naked woman handcuffed on Danny’s bed… umm… no, she absolutely doesn’t want to be there… no, you saw that right, I did force that pill between her lips and then plugged up her mouth with the ball gag, but I can explain. 

I know it’s hard to concentrate as she moans and mewls in there.  Trust me, it’s even harder for me.  What’s she trying to say?  Umm…. Well she wants me to come back in there and play with her.  Oh… yeah lemme button up my pants.  That’s actually kind of embarrassing… no no no.. fine I’ll start from the beginning. 

Do you remember telling Danny that you had a lesbian fantasy?  Well we found these pills online.  They were supposed to change a man into a woman temporarily.  He wanted to surprised you, but wanted to make sure they worked first.  I guess the instructions weren’t very clear and he took four of them at once.  The instructions actually say to take four over the course of five days.  That taking any more would alter the mind as well as the body.  

Yes.  That’s Danny handcuffed on the bed. 

Well, no.  It messed with his head.  After his body stopped shifting he started to look at me kinda strange.  I guess it amped up his arousal and made him… um… you know…. Hot for me.  NO!  I absolutely did not fuck my best friend!  I locked him in the room and did some research.  I found out that his arousal would continue to rise and that if he continued to feed it he’d make the changes permanent.  I called the company up and they sent these other pills.   I have to get Danny to take one every three hours for four days in a row.  When I tried to get him to take the first one he practically attacked me.  He was ripping my clothes off and had no interest in taking the pill. 

I finally figured out how to get him to take it.   Lilly, I swear I’ll tell you if you want, but please trust me, you don’t want to hear about this.  You’ll never be able to look at Danny the same way again.  I know I’m going to have trouble looking at him. 

OK, Fine.  I warned you.  After trying everything else, I put the tablet on my cock.  Yeah my cock was hard… I don’t care if it was my own brother in there, Danny looks like a beautifully curvy sexy woman and she was rubbing all over me, begging me to fuck her.  Of course I got hard.  Anyway, if I put the tablet on my cock she’d let me slide it into her mouth.   NO!  I absolutely did NOT let her finish the blowjob.  Well… ok, the first time I did, but again… sexy woman with her lips wrapped around me while she’s pulling on my ass to get me deeper into her throat.  That’s why I handcuffed her the next time.  I’ve gotten her to take the last four pills by doing the same thing.  She sees my cock, opens side and I slide it in.  As soon as I feel the pill come off, I slide back out and use my thumb to keep it in.  Then I put the ball gag on her so that she doesn’t spit it out. 

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  1. They hope it works, the stronger reversal pill have to be taken as a suppository !