Saturday, January 23, 2016

2016 Design Implemented

Caitlyn's Masks ala 2016
On Thursday January 14th I proposed a new design for the blog.  This is the result of that discussion.
This was such a radical re-design that I implemented it first over at my test blog and carried the conversation over there.  Between those two posts you can see what my thinking was and what ideas and suggestions others had, so I won't go into that over here.

I will say that like any other re-design I've done this isn't yet 'finished'.  Now that it's up and we'll all be living with it I'm going to be tweaking it.  I may take some of the advice and change the top banner graphic.  I just haven't found a way to emphasize the logo without overpowering the rest of the blog.  And I'm sure I'll be changing the order of the side bar.  I don't know what I'll want and where I'll want it.

There's two sides to the sidebar.  First is usability for the readers.  I want everyone that comes here to find this blog easy to navigate.  Second is usability for me.  I actually use the sidebars to browse my favorite blogs and sites, as well as navigate the site when I'm searching for an old post or an old cap.

Oh, one other thing I did was to recreate the title headers for all the posts made in 2016.  So any older posts will still have the square 400x400 header.

So... lemme know what you think.  Lemme know what you'd change.  Lemme know what you hate.


  1. The rectangular pre-jump images look great. Nice site design!

  2. Gah! Missed the conversation sorry Cait ;P

    By too flashy I meant that being that I'm looking it through my laptop, is like you are pointing at us with a flashlight *giggle*

    It's your blog, so hey, whatever you like works for me :D

    One unnoticed effect that I'm looking at is that the words "We all wear masks..." kind of fade into the background, when you scroll. Probably because of the contrast bewteen white and grey in the background and the words. Not sure if on purpose but looks cool nonetheless.

    As for the too much formal, well, I don't visit "pron" sites on a daily basis -sticking with Tumblr on the search for images, since I go for risque! - so cannot say on that.

    It does say: Hey I'm a designer, I look into the photo and search for its perks. I can make it shine through the rest of the content. This is a pro site mind you that! Forget geocities as you said *giggle*

    Also been meaning to ask, but, how do you get that gloss effect on the lips on the photos you choose?

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra