Sunday, January 10, 2016

Help Getting Ready

We all need some help once in a while!

Now baby, I know this is hard but you’ve got to hold it together and not cry on me here.  I have to get your eyes just right.  You know how he likes your eyes to look all smoky.  It really does make you look so feminine and sexy.  No, I’m not agreeing with the bastard.  I’m just saying that IF you wanted to look that way, then this is the way to go.  You know, maybe this isn’t the best time to talk about this but here goes… maybe I should start showing you how to apply your own makeup.  No, I don’t want you to give up and I’m certainly not going to.  We’ll get you out of this.  But babe?  It’s been 18 months now.  I spend more time getting you ready than I do myself now.  Add with all the overtime I have to pull down at work ever since he made you quit and… well if we could shave this hour a day off of my time it would really help me out. 

OK, we’ll talk about it after your date tonight.  So has he started playing more with your breasts?  I know it embarrasses you, but they really do look good.  The surgeon did a wonderful job.  Yes, I’m sure that he’ll be able to take the implants out once we’re free.  You have to admit though that It’s pretty erotic when we make love.  I mean last week when I saw you practicing on that dildo between your tits… well it got me really hot!  It doesn’t matter to me if the hormones are keeping you soft, I actually like feeling your breasts press into me as we 69.  Your mouth is just magical.  Did he think so when you went down on him? 

Oh baby, I’m sorry but it WAS a good idea.  We both know that ever since he’s blackmailed you into being his fake girlfriend and now fiancĂ© that he’s just as scared as we are of anybody finding out he’s dating a man.   Making him think that you gave in and giving him a blowjob while taking pictures to prove that he’s the pervert was brilliant.  It’s not your fault that none of the pictures showed your clitty.   Sorry babe… your cock.    You’ll just have to pick a better position and make sure the camera is in a good hidden position.  I’ll tell you what will work…. Lie down on his bed and have him straddle your chest.  He’ll think it’s a real power trip to look down at you as he slowly feeds you his cock with you all helpless under him.  And once he starts getting into it you can pull out your clitty… cock… and then the picture will have all the evidence we need. 

I love you too babe.  We’ll get out of this, I swear!

source:  Simone's Tumbler

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  1. I love smoky eyes, especially on me.