Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Special Dispensation

Equality in the workplace!

DO NOT ever complain about gender equity if you think women have it easier.  I offered what I thought was a reasonable complaint to my office manager.  All the men in the office were expected to wear a full three piece suit no matter what the weather, while women were allowed to wear anything from a pantsuit to a skirt and blouse.  All I wanted was the ability to just wear a shirt and tie and drop the jacket when it got really hot out. 

At first she just ignored me and laughed off my complaint.  But when I jokingly said that I could bring a discrimination lawsuit she grew very serious.  She said she would give me special dispensation to have the flexibility of the women so long as I signed a new employment contract.  It seems that the contract actually specified that I was to dress AS a woman for the next year and meet all of their standards. 

I never realized just how demanding the woman’s standards were.  As I missed the standards every day for two weeks in a row, I now have to stop by my manager’s house for inspection every morning.  I thought I had it this morning… tight blouse, matching bra and panties, heels with an accent color, stockings and a garter belt, hair appropriately styled, and full makeup.  But now she’s complaining that my panties don’t fit right…. How the hell am I going to get rid of THAT bulge!?

source:  Office Girls

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  1. To funny girl, as id's love to apply. Lol. Seriously wood if it were real. Just quit job in L.A.California after being outed last year and only getting home twice last year. I love L.A.California, as do I love driving in it. But being on HRT myself for few decades. It's like this summer is going tip be interesting, as hard to wear hoody, western it's 90 out on a job that isn't gender friendly. Should be interesting, as my girl were popping last year, can only imagine the fun this year.

    Love the blog regardless. ThankU