Sunday, January 24, 2016

About a month later...

I always realize that she's right

Mandy is the absolute best girlfriend a guy like me could have.   I mean, here I am listening to the newest playlist she made for me while I cup and caress my very own breasts and play with my pretty clitty?  Who can say that their girlfriend is as sweet and understanding as mine?   I remember telling her that I enjoyed reading TG stories and looking at TG captions.   That was years ago… God it was even before I realized I wanted to dress up as a girl, let alone have my own breasts! 

It was actually kind of funny.  After I told her what I liked to read online she sat me down and asked me all kinds of questions.  Was I really gay?  Was I trans gendered myself?  Did I want to dress up in women’s clothes?  Did I want her as a friend or a lover?  Did I think about making lesbian love?  At the time I was actually so close minded and hiding my own desires that I told her I wasn’t any of those things and didn’t want them.  She seemed dubious and I thought she was going to break our relationship off.  But two days later she came back and gave me that cute pink iPod with her first playlist.  She said I should listen to it while I read my ‘girly smut’.   About a month later is when she said I should try on a pair of panties.  And you know what…. I did it.  And it wasn’t just to please her.  I actually wanted to, and we had the best sex that night. 

That’s that way it’s been for quite a while now.  Mandy is just so perceptive.  She’d ask me if I wanted to do something and my initial reaction would be no.  Like having me wear a full lingerie set, or dressing up as a girl for Halloween, or removing all of my body hair.  She’s say she understands and give me another playlist to listen to.  About a month later she’d ask me again and I’d always be more receptive.  Of course there are limits.  I mean, sure at this point I live as a woman all the time but I’m still a man.  She asked me last night if I wanted to get a sexual reassignment surgery.  When I told her no, that I was happy being her girly man she just smiled and gave me a new playlist. 

Hmm… you know I’ve never thought this… but it would be kind of nice if I could just slide my fingers inside of myself.  Mmm… that would be so hot!

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