Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Body Swap Realizations

What will you learn?

Accidently swapping bodies with my girlfriend was going to naturally lead to certain embarrassing realizations.  She was going to realize that she only saw me naked when I was sucking in my gut.  She was going to realize just how small I got down there when it was cold.  And she was going to realize just how much hair I’m really losing and how effective my combing is at hiding it. 

I initially thought that the most embarrassing thing I’d find out about her was that her breasts might sag a bit more than she let on.   I mean, I already knew that she was submissive, although I didn’t realize her submissive nature would take me over too.  What I did learn is that our neighbor has been taking advantage of that submissive nature and had been paying visit to her every morning that I headed off to work.  The most embarrassing realization for me though… was that her mouth watered when she saw a big black cock. 

source:  fuskator 

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  1. Wonderful caption! Just enough to let the mind the wander about what other realizations might be!