Monday, January 18, 2016

This or That

Choices choices...

He said he loved me and that he would make me love him back.  I thought he was joking and told him that I wasn’t homosexual.  His response chilled me to the bone though.  He told me that he wasn’t either… he was bisexual.  He told me that he could love me as a man or a woman and that if I wanted to be in a heterosexual relationship he could make that happen. 

That was three years ago.  He’s absolutely crazy and the fact that he kidnapped me and is trying to force love from me isn’t even near the top of his ‘crazy’ list.  He set up the goal and the rules on day one and has never varied from them.  The goal was me showing him that I physically loved him.  The rules were simple, he’d lay out a demonstration of my love each week.  If I could do it, I’d have to do it every day from then on.  If I couldn’t he’d change something about me to ‘make it easier’ the next week.  And every week he’d change something else until I could do that challenge… only to have a new challenge the next week. 

The challenges I’ve passed so far and that I have to do every day now:  Write down that I love him.  Caress his cheek.  Hug him.  Kiss him with a closed mouth.  Verbally tell him I love him.  Undress him.  Kiss him with an open mouth.  Give him a shoulder rub.  Let him give me a shoulder rub.  Touch his cock.  Let him cup and caress my pantied bottom.  Give him a full body massage with him nude.  Let him give me a full body massage with him nude and me in my lingerie.  Grasp his cock and hold it.  Let him apply lube to my ass and use his fingers to ‘pleasure’ me back there.  And finally last week I started giving him a full body massage with both of us nude… well I still have my heels and the chastity cage on.

The changes he’s done to me so far:  Growing my hair out.  Applying makeup.  Styling my hair in a feminine way.  Taking away all of my body hair.  Keeping my fingernails long.  Wearing women’s lingerie.  Taking hormones.  Wearing 2” heels.  Daily painting my fingernails and toenails in matching colors.  Locking on a chastity cage.  Taking testosterone blockers.  Wearing 3” heels.  Surgically enhancing my hips and ass.  Wearing skirts and stockings.  Surgically enhancing my small breasts.  Surgically removing my adam’s apple and changing my voice.  Surgically altering my Achilles tendons so that I have to wear heels. 

This week’s demanded demonstration of love was to give him a handjob while starting into his eyes the entire time.  And while the feel of his thick cock throbbing and pulsing in my dainty hands makes my gorge rise, I’m going to do it and let him cum all over my breasts and belly.   If I don’t do it… and therefore do it to him every day… he’s going to schedule my sexual reassignment surgery.  

source: fuskator

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