Friday, January 22, 2016

Mixed Doubles

4 guys and 2 girls to make three couples?

The annual badminton competition in our neighborhood was always the year’s highlight.  Endearing Boulevard, where I lived, always had the best showings and despite my small stature I helped lock us in year in and year out as the men’s champ.  This year the other teams seemed determined to knock us off our championship stride and decided it would be all mixed doubles teams.  Most streets had three couples, but good old Endearing Boulevard only had two couples, and two single men. 

It was actually Annie and Mae’s idea although their husbands Frank and Brad thought it could work too.  Either Jerry or I would dress up as one of the girls making us a dominating mixed double team.  Seeing as I was a good foot shorter than Jerry it was obvious to everybody who should be the one to go en femme. 

Annie and Mae stayed over at my house the weekend before the tournament to ‘tart me up’.  They seemed to really enjoy my ‘treatment’ as they called it and pulled no punches.  I didn’t think every step was necessary but they insisted that I look like a girl on and off the court.  To help me feel comfortable they decided I should go by Sophie instead of Steve, and treated me as ‘one of the girls’.  They cut, colored, and styled my hair.   They had me shave off all of my body hair.   They even stepped into the shower with me to help shave all of my pubic hair away.  They glued some kind of breast prosthetics to my chest.  To make sure I reacted to my breasts correctly they had my nipples clamped underneath the prosthetics that made me gasp every time they cupped or caressed them.  And they seemed to fondle my breasts often.  They shaped and colored my nails a bright red.  They gave me some sort of throat spray that relaxed my throat and gave me a breathy sultry feminine sounding voice.  I must have blushed seven shades of red when Annie told me it was a spray designed to make deep throating easier for ‘us girls’.  They must have spent a couple hours with me applying and re-applying makeup until they got it just right.  The finale that night was me slipping on some of Mae’s badminton outfits.  I tried to argue that wearing shorts would be fine but they insisted on a skirt as that’s what they’d be wearing.  Of course a skirt meant that I’d also have to wear a pair of panties.  The panties were worn over a gaffe that kept my cock frustratingly pulled up behind my legs.  I had to admit though… at a casual glance even in my panties I looked the part.

The next day Annie and Mae decided I looked the part and just needed to work on my mannerisms.  To help me get into my role Annie and Mae constantly made small talk about them and their husbands.  They insisted I join their conversations and talk about my boyfriend Jerry.  Everything from how I’d pull the hair out of my face, to how to properly bend at my waist to serve a tasty beverage was covered.  They’d critique my every move and even playfully spanked me one time for not getting the movements quite right.   At least they said it was a playful spanking.  My ass was glowing read after Mae gave me 20. 

They talked about how after the previous tournaments they would help their guys cool down by giving them blow jobs, and I played along saying that this year all three of us would reward our men for their good play.  Annie went into great detail how she preferred to be on her hands and knees as Frank sat down.  Mae got all dreamy eyed as she talked about kneeling over Brad as he lied back.  When they just looked at me expectantly I blushed and played along saying that I would love to kneel before Jerry as he stood up over me. 

To get my walking just right the girls had me wear a pair of their heels.  Six hours in heels helped my stride look quite feminine but the final touch that got my hips to shake just right was the insertion of the little butt plug.  I tried to protest but let up when they each pulled their panties to the side and showed me they each had their own toy buried into their asses. 

The morning of the tournament the guys were amazed at my transformation.  Jerry in particular said I looked sexy as all get out and for the rest of the day insisted I be at his side.  While we watched Annie and Frank’s first game his hand casually sat on my knee.  By the time they were on their third round Jerry’s hand had moved up and was caressing my inner thigh.  It wasn’t a big secret what we did, but all of our neighbors played along calling me Sophie and even asked how long Jerry and I had been going out.  By the time we were watching Mae and Brad my hand was casually laying in Jerry’s lap.  My blush returned when I realized I was stroking Jerry’s hard on and he whispered that if I kept it up he’d have to go home and change his shorts before out game. 

On the court, Jerry and I crushed the competition.  I swear, having the plug in during our game may have actually helped me.  On the last play of the game I barely got to the shuttlecock in time to win it all, but I paid dearly for it tumbling down to the ground and twisting my ankle.  Jerry insisted on picking me up and carrying me home along with our trophy.   Annie and Frank along with Mae and Brad all came over to help celebrate.  Endearing Boulevard was the champions again.  I was a little surprised as no one mentioned my transformation…. All of the talk was about our wins. 

Annie and Mae both smiled at me as they said it was time to help the boys cool off and reward them for their good play.  Annie pulled Frank’s shorts down and sat him down on one of the couches.   Mae completely removed Brad’s shorts as she laid him out on another of the couches arms.  When Jerry looked at me I swear he was blushing a little bit.  Maybe it was the way I was dressed.  Maybe it was the way we acted during the tournament.  Maybe it was the weekend spent talking about our boys.  Regardless of what made me feel calm, I decided that I’d play along.  Kneeling down in front of Jerry I slowly pulled his shorts down and without hesitating took him into my mouth. 

As I looked up lovingly at my man and Jerry’s cum dibbled down my chin we all agreed.  Next year we would insist on not changing the rules.   We’d keep up the mixed doubles tournament.  

source:  fuskator

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