Friday, December 29, 2017

Don't open someone else's present!

Don't even look at it!

Jerry couldn’t believe that his own girlfriend Sarah canceled their after Christmas vacation to spend a week with Missy.  Sure, Missy was his flat mate Jake’s girlfriend and they were always breaking up and making up.  And yes, Missy and Sarah were friends since they were little girls.  But damn it, they’d been planning this vacation specifically to get away from Missy and Jake craziness. 

As he dropped his bags down he saw the wrapped present waiting in the middle of the living room floor.  When he looked at the note he saw that it was from Missy to Jake.  Jerry grew even more frustrated wondering if Missy had just taken Sarah for a free vacation even though she was obviously already making up with Jake.  Out of spite, he ripped open the package and saw the sprig of mistletoe , the stockings, and the note.  The note was…. Odd.  Missy wanted Jake to undress and put on the red and white Christmas stockings and promised that he’d get the best sex of his life if he did. 

Wanting nothing more than to spoil her present to Jake, Jerry did exactly as the note said and stripped naked.  Sitting down on the edge of the bed he slid each of the stockings up on his legs and felt his entire body start to shake and tremble.  Under his shakey gaze he saw his body ripple and change.  His rough tanned skin turning smooth and pale.  His muscles melting away and growing smooth.  His hair growing out over his head and changing from his sandy brown to Missy’s own shade of brunette.  And finally with a gasp that sounded just like Jake’s girlfriend escaping from his plump swollen lips, Jerry saw his own manhood slide up into his new puffy pussy lips and his hard nipples take their place on his pert perky breasts. 

When the change finished and he caught his breath Jerry pulled out the note and saw that there was something written on the back of it.  Sarah’s perfect penmanship spelled out exactly what she meant.  She was still upset at Jake for not believing that the man had taken advantage of her and wanted him to experience it firsthand.  This spell would make him over into her body and make him unable to fend off the advances of the nearest man.   Only if he avoided having sex for 24 hours would the curse reverse itself and allow the stockings to come off. 

Just as he finished reading the note Jerry heard the door slam open.  An evidently drunken Jake stumbled in.  When he found his way into the bedroom Jerry found that he could barely speak… and what came out of his mouth sounded far more like a sexy ‘come hither’ moan rather than the scream of horror he intended.  Jerry, a mile wide grin on his face’ stepped over and picked up the note.  Jerry just stared at the back page, hoping beyond hope that Jake would read both sides and realize what was going on…. Instead, after reading the first side, he crumpled up the note and tossed it over his shoulder.  As he started to clumsily undress he said with slurring words “Okay baby… I forgive you too.   If you wanna get fucked in your special sock things, then I’ll do it just to show you that I still love you!”

source:  fuskator

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