Thursday, December 7, 2017

D+X Institute: Personal Services


If you're here at my blog, then it's highly likely that you enjoy reading about sex.  I mean just look over to the right and see what my biggest key words are.  Blow Job and Forced.  It's a common thread of mine. Well if that IS your personal fantasy... being forced into a sex slave for some powerful group of people then not only is D+X the place for you, but the Personal Services is your department.  Just as Office Services isn't JUST about being a secretary, the Personal Services department isn't just about sex.  There's friends to make, competitions to join, and parties to attend.  But where you can play in any other department and avoid sexual (or at least overtly directly sexual) situations, you're just not going to do that in PS.  

The girls of PS are going to learn about sex.  They're going to learn about pleasing and flirting and stripping and dancing and dating and blowing and sucking and fucking.  Some are willing and enjoy their sexuality at the Institute while others are forced and find their role to be entirely (satisfyingly!) humiliating.  I was tempted to join the Personal Services when I was a Green Girl.  Seriously... the executive wanted me to quit being a secretary and playing in an office and join her girls in the back alley.  As I said in the OS write up, my fantasy life was running just fine, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that I wasn't enticed.  I'd bet that at any given time Personal Services is the largest group of active players.  As such they have a large group of staff and boy is that staff good.  I'm a little biased on that as my boyfriend is an executive in that department, but seriously it isn't just him.  The whole group works like a well oiled machine putting their girls through their paces.  

Even if you never end up in the department, I'd be willing to bet all the money in my purse vs all the money in your purse that you'll end up in one of the PS classes.  Seriously... if you like my writing then you're sure to find enjoyment in Anal Play, Erotic Dance, Fetish Wear, Intercourse, Lip Service for Him/Her, or Sex Toys.  But if you want to do more than dip your toes into that PS world, then you can join the department and go all the way.  Just like being in OS will lead to being a secretary, and being in Hospitality will lead to being a maid.... being in PS will lead to you working in the Alley.  There patrons, staff members, and even girls can pick you up and use you like the little whore you're being trained to be.  And don't ever look at that word as something bad... there's a ton of versions if you don't like that particular one, but the Personal Services department isn't shy about what they're doing;  making you into a well trained sex worker.  

It's kind of funny.  With all the other departments, even my own Media Services and my historic Office Services, I feel that I have to show you around.  Demonstrate that there are good things about these departments that you'll enjoy.  You know, shine the light on some of the deeper things that you'll get out of each of them.  But with Personal Services, even though it wasn't and isn't my own personal cup of tea, I feel that I'm a gal trying to give away free steak and beer. 

To put a finer point on it;  There is a place that will let you play out the fantasy of being forcibly feminized and then continued to be forced into sexual situation after sexual situation.  


Even if your fantasy leads you into the bridal lingerie of the Finishing School or the nurses scrubs of the Health Care team, you can always meander over to the Personal Services area of the school and take that fun Anal Play or Lip Service for Him class.  So head on over to the D+X Institute, browse and read up on some things, make an account, talk to the girls there and then you can make a character and...

Come Play with Me!

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