Monday, December 18, 2017

Taking Care Of My Guys

But are your guys taking care of you?

Fair Warning!
This barely qualifies as an Obscura simply because there is a single picture near the end of the story.
This is far closer to a full short story as its just over 9000 words long!  

Being able to sign on to work at a Swedish Antarctic research station without any experience or even scientific background should have been enough to at least scare off most people.  But not me, I signed on the dotted line and went down there with the three scientists as their caretaker without a second thought.  You see, after my girlfriend broke up with me I just needed to get away and reassess my life.  The isolation of working on the bottom of the world would give me time to get over her criticism of being too weak willed, to small, and even too pretty.

The work seemed easy enough as I’d just have to take care of the scientists.  Cooking, cleaning, equipment maintenance, and occasionally lending a hand with their research.  Initially I figured it would be a boost to my masculinity.  Surely, I’d be the machoest guy with a bunch of geeks, but Oscar, Hugo, and Noah were surprisingly well built.  I was actually embarrassed when I tried to help load the plane and couldn’t lift half of the crates.   Thankfully none of them seemed to mind and they joked that I wasn’t hired for my brawn. 

When we got down to the station we met the outgoing group.  The three scientists Lucas, Victor, and Erik, along with their care taker Agnes.   Agnes showed me around while the guys unloaded and switched out their luggage with the outgoing crew.  She was adorably shy as she showed me her, now my, room.  It seems the guys had dolled it all up for her in pinks and purples.  It had a lot of closet space filled with her surprisingly varied wardrobe.  She had the standard t-shirts and sweat pants, but she also had dresses, and skirts, and blouses enough for a full season.  Even her dresser drawers were filled with everything from granny panties to thongs and lingerie.  While she was showing me the kitchen I couldn’t help but see how beautiful she was.  Her long blonde hair, her smooth pale skin, her striking blue eyes. 

She blushed furiously when I asked what the job entailed.  She just said that she took care of all her guys’ needs.  I nodded and let the subject drop assuming that the guys had used her for their sexual releases as well.  I had to figure my own crew couldn’t be happy they got stuck with a guy as their caretaker.  While everybody was setting up, I went with Agnes as she started to pack her things.  Jet lag must have got the best of me as I ended up drifting off to sleep…. Dreams of Agnes blushing between my thighs as she wrapped those plump limps around my cock filling my head. 

Oscar woke me up a few hours later.  It seems I missed the old crew leaving and my guys were ready for dinner.  I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and made the guys some hearty stew.  Only later when I returned to my room did I notice the error.  It seemed that the old crew had mistakenly swapped my bags for Agnes’.  I was left with three big suitcases full of feminine frilly clothes and only a couple sets of my own clothes.  I felt bad for Agnes as even our toiletry bags got swapped…. She’d have my deodorant, razer, after shave, and foot powder while I had all of her makeup, pink razer, and perfumes. 

I vowed to not let the situation get me down.  I came down here to rebuild my masculinity and even if I had to do it in a pink bedroom full of lingerie and makeup while taking care of three hunky scientists, I’d damn well do it.  The next few weeks fell into a calming rhythm.  The guys quickly complained that my cooking was too American, so I used the cookbooks left over and started to learn Swedish cooking.  As long as I was learning a whole new culinary style I made sure to get my guys’ favorite recipes and made them for them.  Pea soup and pancakes on Thursdays for Oscar, a princess cake each weekend that reminded Hugo of his girlfriend, and Gravlax on Tuesdays just like Noah’s wife would make.  And of course, I learned how to make Swedish meatballs, black pudding, kroppkaka, and raksmorgas. 

The guys did kid around about me living in the pink room.  Thankfully they found some paint and let me add a more masculine color.  Unfortunately, what I thought would be a Navy blue had to be watered down so much that it ended up between a teal and a cyan.  The guys broke out laughing saying that it now looked like a room fit for the snow queen.  It even earned me the occasional nickname Elsa. 

I had hoped that living down in the frozen wastes at the bottom of the world would make laundry a little easier, but the guys kept the temperature up so much that they ended up sweating through their underclothes all the time.  The washing machine was one of those industrial ones that only had one setting.  The guys’ clothes were all thick and burly and came through just fine but within a few washes my own clothes were getting shredded.  It didn’t help that I was washing my two sets of clothes several times a week. 

I tried to help out wherever I could, but it turns out that Noah was a far better maintenance guy than I ever could be.  And with all the manuals in Swedish, Finnish, and Norwegian, I couldn’t even learn enough to help.  So instead I’d help them with their research.  Oscar was some kind of psychiatrist and had me take all kinds of his surveys.  Most of them were about sexual perversions and since I was basically normal I went ahead and made up a bunch of answers to them.  I even tried to imagine and write what Agnes would on some of them.  And let me tell you… as I answered the questions I was imagining Agnes as a real freak!

Hugo was a geneticist and was making up various formulations to help people with genetic diseases.  I wanted to refuse, but he needed test subjects to make sure the base of the injectable formula was safe, so I let him give me injections at least twice a week.  I always thought an injection could go just about anywhere, but he insisted it had to go in my rear.  Noah was actually studying ice depths and global warming, but I couldn’t help him with the equipment.  He did though get me to help him with his hobby of hypnotherapy.  He’d put me under at least three times a week. 

One of the weird aspects that happened was the guys’ sexual appetites.  They tended to like to watch porn together.  They insisted I join them saying that me being off on my own while they were watching sex tapes seemed strange.  I’m not sure how exactly it was strange, but I went ahead and agreed.  So every few nights or so I was sitting in-between two of the guys while we all watched pornhub videos.  And yes… Swedish men seem to be naturally attracted to blonde sexy pale women.  It must be genetic.  It must be a big cultural difference though as it didn’t bother any of them if they just whipped out their cocks and started to masturbate.  They were quiet about it and cleaned up after themselves, but I still found it very disturbing to sit there with three other guys wanking off. 

One week I had a reaction to one of Hugo’s shots.  I guess I was allergic to something in it as my skin broke out almost everywhere.  He got a cream that helped with the rash and itching… but it made all of my body hair fall out.  The next day after my shower the only hair on my body was on the top of my head.  I had to keep using the cream as the rash kept coming back and that left my skin appreciably more sensitive.  Oscar suggested that I use some of the lotion Agnes left to help me with the sensitivity.  Sure, it smelled a little frou-frou, but it did help.  My clothes on the other hand didn’t help at all.  They were so roughed up from the frequent washing that they still irritated my skin.  It was Noah that suggested I just wear some of Agnes’ sweat pants and t-shirts.  Sure, they all were pink and feminine but at least it would be more comfortable and I could continue to help out instead of heading to my room several times a day to apply more lotion.  

Yeah yeah, the guys did joke around a bit more but it was all in good fun, and the clothes really did help.   When I noticed my hair growing out faster and even thicker on my head, Hugo supposed it might be a side effect to one of the formulations.  He started measuring it every other day and told me to leave at least a little of it to continue and grow out.  I thought about cutting the rest of it back down… I had all the styling and barber equipment to take care of all our haircare needs… but I figured that would look even more strange, so I just let it grow.  One night when it was growing past my shoulders the guys all agreed to not kid me about it.  I could read between the lines…. They all had blonde thin girlfriends and with me wearing all the pink clothes and smelling of lilacs or something, it might be hitting close to home.  It was embarrassing, but I agreed to do the manly thing and just ignore it.  We all did. 

It was maybe a month later that we finally lost access to the internet.  All of us were upset, but Hugo seemed the most affected.  After filling out another survey with Agnes in mind, it finally struck me.  Hugo had been on a call with his girlfriend back home when we lost internet.  I asked him about it and he admitted that they were in an argument.  They argued fairly regularly but always managed to finish it and makeup before ending any call.  Now he was upset because the argument wouldn’t be finished for months and months.  I felt bad for him and remembered something Oscar had been working on.  I told Hugo that it might help if he could apologize to a surrogate… someone to sit in the place of his girlfriend.  I even admitted that with my long hair he might even forget and at least emotionally be able to unload.  Hugo was hesitant but finally agreed so long as I really tried to help and didn’t let the other guys know about it.  To my own credit I used photos of Hugo’s girl and tried my best to look like her.  I had my hair up in the pig tails she seemed to wear often, and even had some of Agnes’ makeup on.  It wasn’t good by any means, but in a darkened room and with me using a quiet whispering voice, it might really help Hugo out.  The last part was actually the hardest…. Putting on the skirt and blouse.   Since every picture Hugo had of her was in her school uniform, I soon found myself sitting on the edge of my bed wearing a pair of mary janes, a short plaid skirt, a bra stuffed with socks, and a white blouse. 

Hugo sat next to me and looked straight ahead.  It started off slow, but he finally started to get into it.  It seems their argument was about sex.  They both missed it and he wanted to mutually masturbate in video chat.  I must have blushed seven shades of red but did my part and took up her argument.  I had notes from Hugo on what she was saying so I told him that it wasn’t the same thing, that it wasn’t’ my hand I wanted to feel on my skin but his.  He argued that I could use a toy, one of those big vibrators.  I replied as the notes indicated that I wanted his rough touch and his hands pulling my hair.  That even a toy wouldn’t do because no amount of velvety rubber would feel the same as his big cock in my pussy or my mouth.  My voice hitched at saying that and that might have seemed genuine because Hugo opened up and was even crying a little when he reached out and took my hand. 

It took all my power to not pull away, but this was for one of my guys and I wanted to help so I squeezed his big hand back.  Thankfully that seemed to mark the end as Hugo apologized and said he’d let it just drop so long as I forgave him.  I told him that there was no need to forgive as I wanted him just as much as he wanted me.  I must have been a little too convincing because Hugo turned, put his other hand behind my head and pulled me in for a kiss. 

I… well I froze.  I was afraid of a lot of things coming down to this winter wasteland but having a big hulking bearded swede hold me tight and push his tongue into my mouth wasn’t ever one of them.  Just as I saw his eyes widen a bit in realization my door opened up and the lights all came on.  Hugo stood up and spun around letting me see Oscar standing there staring at us.  I could see the fear on Hugo’s face.  The strange thing is that I knew his fear was more abut letting the guys know he was emotional with his girlfriend rather than making out with another guy.  I guess with that in mind it shouldn’t have been a surprise that he blurted out that I had asked him for help… that I wanted to dress up and be like Agnes and kiss a real man. 

One of Oscar’s eyebrows lifted as he turned to look at me questioningly.  At the same time, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Hugo silently pleading with me.    I didn’t hesitate too long before saying that Hugo was right.  That I was getting confused with wearing so much of Agnes’ things and that I had asked him for some help.  I hurriedly added that it was now over and I wouldn’t bother exploring that side of me any longer, but I’m not sure that Oscar bought that part. 

The next day I tried to make everything normal.  Neither Hugo nor Oscar brought up the previous days activities, so I let it drop too.  It was supposed to be one of the guys’ porn nights but without internet there wasn’t anything to watch.  If watching porn with three guys jacking off was strange, I didn’t’ even want to consider how awful it would be to sit there NOT watching porn as three guys still jacked off.  So I went on a scavenger hunt of sorts hoping that some of the previous crew had left some porn around.  When I finally found a series of DVDs, all simply labeled ‘Sexy time’, I popped one into the DVD player and found myself staring at an image of a blonde girl’s naked ass as her head bobbed up and down giving a guy a blowjob.  It was obviously home made as the camera never moved and the audio was awful, but for some reason it seemed oddly familiar.  At that point the guys all came in and cheered at my find.  It only took them a moment to recognize the happy guy as Lucas, one of the previous scientists here.  Everything else seeming familiar now made sense.  It seemed familiar as it was obviously filmed right here in the TV room.  I couldn’t help but blush as I watched my fantasy girl do the exact thing I fantasized about right in front of me.  When I snapped out of it and turned to ask the guys if they felt okay watching something that was obviously meant to be private I had my answer without even voicing my concern. 

All three guys had their cocks out, jacking off to Agnes blowing Lucas. 

It seems that Agnes really did take care of all her guys’ needs as each video was her servicing one of the other scientists.  Each disc seemed to get more and more intimate.  At first just a blow job, but by the 4th disc we were getting to watch Victor bend Agnes over the back of the couch and fuck her. 

Another month passed and while watching home made videos of my fantasy girl fucking every guy that was here before was certainly odd, I figured that everything else had returned to normal.  That was until Oscar sat me down and brought up that day with Hugo.  He said it concerned him that I had this secret fantasy and that he never noticed it before.  I tried to explain but he shushed me and continued.  It was obvious he had thought a lot about it as he went into a lot of detail.  He mentioned that I had seemed so nervous when I first got here and only really seemed to come out of my shell when I got to wear some of Agnes’ things.  That I seemed more relieved after being found out by him.  That the answers to his quizzes lined up with a suppressed desire to be a woman.  The last straw seemed to be my reaction to watching Agnes have sex.  He told me that I seemed really aroused by watching that and that he even said he saw my licking my lips while Agnes was giving her blowjobs. 

I tried to tell him I was just attracted TO Agnes and not attracted with the thought of BEING her when he shushed me again.  Oscar opened the door and invited Hugo and Noah in.  He asked Noah about his hypnotherapies with me and Noah told everybody that while under I had admitted to him that my past girlfriend had thought of me as pretty and small and petit and that I was obviously embarrassed by it.  Hugo, to his credit, seemed a little embarrassed too but he told the same story as before how I had told him that I wanted to be a girl and feel a real man kissing me when Oscar had found us. 

All three guys eyes turned to me and I was left with a big choice.  I had to admit that if you just looked at the face of everything they were saying that it made sense.  If you didn’t know I was imagining Agnes was a freak when filling out the questionnaires, you’d think I wanted those things.  That if you didn’t know I was embarrassed by not being manlier and not by being less girly when my girlfriend told me what she tough of me.  And most importantly that if you didn’t know I was acting and dressing like a girl to help out Hugo.  But if I explained away the questionnaires and my girlfriend I’d still be left with Hugo’s lie.  And right now, that would obviously look like I was lying about it all.  So… I could either out Hugo and embarrass him, or tell these three scientists that I secretly wanted to be a girl. 
Sure, it would be humiliating to admit and lie about that, but it’s not like I had to be scared of them.  They were all decent guys and it might even get them to stop kidding around about my now long hair, girly clothes, and Disney’s Frozen bedroom.  So I lied.  I told three men that I respected that I wanted to be a girl. 

After our VERY long discussion Hugo took me aside and thanked me.  He said he’d do anything to help this go easier for me.  It took all my will power to not spit in his face.  I thought this would be better, that three honest scientists wouldn’t do anything odd, but now for saving Hugo some face these three guys were all committed to helping me accept myself as a woman.  Any argument I offered against their suggestions were just shot down by my lie of wanting to be a girl.  When Oscar told me that I should dress as femininely as possible I had to agree.  When Noah told me that he could help me feel less insecure about my body with some hypnotherapy I eventually had to agree.  When Hugo offered to let me practice kissing him I saw his wink and knew that we would only act like we were kissing in private I agreed without argument… but then Oscar said he didn’t want to risk me getting emotionally attached to any one of them so I should spend time with each of them to practice my kissing.  The hardest part to accept, and the part that got me closest to calling Hugo out on his lie was the hormones.  Oscar knew that Hugo had a full set of feminine and masculine hormones to work with his experiments, so they told me that I would start a full bevy of daily feminine hormone shots.  The only thing that stopped me from blowing the lid on everything was Hugo secretly telling me that nothing would be permanent and that he could counteract any feminine hormone he gave me with an opposing masculine hormone.  

I let Hugo know in no uncertain terms that he would owe me something huge after all this, but that I knew how important this was to him and that I would spend the next four months prancing around like a girl for him.  Noah ended up breaking up our secret conversation as he took my hand and guided me into my room.  He said he would help make it easier for me and get rid of anything that would help me slip back into masculinity.  I had to silently stand there and watch as every single pair of pants were put into one of the storage containers.  They were followed by all the t-shirts and flat shoes.  Those were followed by all the regular underwear.  Next up my regular soap and shampoo were replaced by feminine smelling salon stuff.  All of Agnes’ makeup was brought out and laid out on my vanity for my use as well as all of her hair styling equipment.  He even took my fingernail clippers and said that I should grow out my fingernails.  

The next day started my girliness.   All of the guys seemed committed as they didn’t bat an eye when seeing me stumble around in two-inch heels, a tight skirt, and almost see through blouse.  My makeup was pretty bad, and my hair was in the same pigtails that Hugo and Oscar had seen earlier.  They even all called me Elsa.   All the time.  They even made up reasons to call out my name saying that ‘it would help me get used to it’.  The only comment anywhere near calling out the fact that I wasn’t a girl was the suggestion that I tuck my penis between my legs…. That the bulge in my skirt didn’t look right.  

By the end of the day I could manage in the heels and I they were right… I was already used to being called Elsa.  Everything else was roughly the same.  I cooked, I cleaned, I helped out.  Every day I’d get a little better with my hair and makeup.  Noah’s hypnotherapy was more relaxing than I previously experienced, but he said I wouldn’t really notice any differences for weeks.  Hugo gave me the first shot but told me it was a combination of feminine and male hormones… in other words they washed each other out.  That night I set up the porn for the guys and laid out their beers for them before walking out.  Noah stopped me and asked where I was going.  I must have blushed pretty deep as he chuckled and said that I was still expected to be here and that they had had women join them before.  And since I had never joined in the masturbation that nothing would really be different.  After a few minutes of trying to beg off I realized that while it WOULD be different, it wouldn’t be so bad. 

And it wasn’t too bad… until they put the next disc in.  No one said anything as we all watched Agnes sitting between Erik and Lucas making out with both of them.  Not only was I sitting in the same spot between two guys, Agnes was wearing the same exact skirt that I currently had on.  To their credit, none of the guys pulled out their cocks, but they did pause the video with Agnes giving both of her fellas a hand job to talk to me.  Oscar said he hadn’t realized what a coincidence this would be but once he saw me sitting with that same skirt Agnes was wearing and my ‘obvious’ reaction to it, that he’d suggest their porn nights would also help me out.  That each night I should preview that evening’s discs and wear the same clothes as Agnes did in the film. 

I don’t know what I was thinking.  I almost hate to admit that I was incredibly turned on at that moment.  But that had more to do with seeing my fantasy girl staring straight at me, an erotic grin on her face as her hands were gripping to hard cocks almost as if inviting me over.  Maybe it was the arousal, maybe it was just me sick and tired of fighting what was obviously a losing battle… but I agreed with Oscar.  He just smiled, patted me calmingly on my stocking clad knee, and started the video back up. 

And left his hand on my knee. 

The next day I tried to set up some more boundaries.  I must have argued against the kissing for two hours before finally giving in and spending 5 minutes being kissed by Noah.  I rolled my eyes almost every time they called out ‘Elsa’.  And while I did wear the same peasant dress Agnes did as she gave Victor and Lucas a dual blowjob, I didn’t make any pretenses at being happy about it.  There was something extra erotic though as halfway through the video I had to excuse myself and step into the bathroom to re-tuck myself between my thighs.

That balking went on for a couple weeks before Oscar called me out.  We all sat down in my bedroom to talk it over and I honestly thought that it was working and that they might just call it off since it was obviously not making me any happier.  But instead of that, Oscar brought up more of the questionnaires I’d filled out and said that he thought he had found the problem.  He had assumed I was just hiding my internal femininity but upon review he thinks I’m also hiding a submissive streak.  That subconsciously I was struggling with finally being feminine in an accepting environment but not being dominated at all.  I was speechless as he continued saying that he’d noted I was far more aroused by the porn nights while dressed as Agnes, and that was even increased by his hand touching me in some way, so obviously I was accepting of the feminine role but that they’d have to work harder at letting me be submissive if I they didn’t want me to slip back into denial.  I looked over to Hugo for some help but instead found him simply nodding along.  Oscar continued saying that even the feminine hormones in my system should be at least temporarily reducing my sex drive but that he’d seen me have to re-tuck myself due to extra erections showing just how much I was turned on by this. 

I tried to speak up but was shocked as Oscar reached out and smacked me across the face.  With a stern look on his face he told me that he would be happy for me to argue against him but that he would no longer take it as an honest attempt to change his mind… that instead they should all take it as my subconscious begging to be disciplined. 

I slowly got up and backed away from him.  I was willing to go through a lot… but having these three hulking men start to smack me around just wasn’t going to happen.  I looked at Hugo apologetically and told his secret.  I kept talking and explained everything.  I told them that I was turned on by Agnes and that imagining her fill out the questionnaires was why Oscar was getting strange results, and that I had only gone along with all of this to help out Hugo.  Both Noah and Oscar looked to Hugo and I almost felt sorry for him… until he lied. 

Hugo shook his head side to side and said that he didn’t understand why I would tell such an obvious fabrication.  That not only did I ask him to kiss me that night, but that I had asked him to give me extra shots of the feminine hormones…. And that any time it was his turn to kiss me that I was kissing him aggressively and telling him that I only had feelings for him and didn’t want to kiss the other guys. 

My mouth was hanging open in shock as Noah and Oscar turned their eyes back to me.  Oscar slowly nodded and told Noah that he should be the first to give me a spanking as they all knew he was dominant with his own girlfriend.  I tried to run, not really sure where I was going to run to, but Noah was much faster and caught me before I was three steps out of the room.  Kicking and screaming, he dragged me back in and draped me over his lap.  He told me that when he did this with his girlfriend that he insisted on her having a safe word if things got to intense, and that he needed to have that safety valve if he was going to take this role on for me. 

My heart soared for a moment knowing that I could just use the safe word immediately.  Oscar chimed in and said that the safe word would be sluta… Swedish for stop.  I didn’t care what language it was in, as I pulled in a full breath of air ready to scream it out when my heart sank.  Oscar added that for my own benefit, I shouldn’t have the safe word as I was struggling too much with the quick changes and the hormones.  Instead any of the guys could use the safe word if they felt any of the other guys were being too rough on me either physically or emotionally. 

I felt Noah pull my skirt up and expose my ass, protected only by the thong panties I was wearing, before feeling his hand come crashing down on me 12 times that night.  He didn’t hold back or even hesitate when I scream out SLUTA as loud as I could.  I repeated the scream on the second spank and it seemingly earned me a moment, but a moment only long enough for Noah to explain that I would have to count off each spank and that as soon as I counted as high as ten, he would stop.  Anger helped me get through spanks one through five.  I admit that my voice hitched more than once on the next three spanks, and I openly cried and sobbed on spank nine.  My tears were running full force and I only barely whispered out ‘ten’ before Noah’s upturned hand came crashing down again.  My tears and sobs kept coming as he rubbed some lotion on my red behind and he soothingly told me that I could expect a repeat of that any time I balked at their help. 

I think the guys went easy on me for the next couple weeks.  They did start to take a more dominant tone with me, telling me to do anything instead of asking, but they didn’t have to punish me again even though I would flinch and cower near them.  Each night while watching the porn of Agnes I still had to dress up like her but the guys also made sure someone was always touching me too.  A hand on my knee or thigh.  An arm draped around my shoulders.  My hand clasped in theirs, held in their lap.

My next spanking came from Hugo.  I knew that my reaction would earn it, but I couldn’t help it and I started to slap at his hairy face and his broad chest.  All I had done was ask him about the hormones and my sexual desire.  I told him that even though I didn’t like any of this… and that he damned well knew it… I kept getting aroused and even getting erections.  He just shrugged and said that it was a side effect of the testosterone.  That in the doses he was giving me to counteract the feminine hormones it would certainly increase my sex drive.  My thoughts immediately put it together… not only did he know that the testosterone was responsible for my arousal, he lied about it when he said the hormones should be reducing my sex drive.  It felt good slapping him even though I knew it would lead to me being pulled over his lap.

I can only hope that it was the testosterone that gave me an erection as Hugo gave me 15 spanks for my outburst.   

To his credit, Hugo said he just wanted me to stop being embarrassed by the hormone induced arousal when he stopped giving me the masculine hormones.  But of course, that let the feminine hormones have their way with me.  Maybe it hit me surprisingly strong because I’d already had so much in my system, or maybe he really did give me double doses.  Regardless of the reasons, I got the full range of affects from the hormones.  My skin became even smoother.  My emotions went haywire with me crying at any little thing… and of course the guys pulling me into their arms for comfort any time I cried.  My curves came in slow but they did come in… my waist shrinking, my hips and tush expanding, and my own very small pair of breasts growing.  And everybody just assumed that I was just as aroused even though my penis stopped getting hard and started to shrink.  That actually led to my next spanking…. When Noah tried to help me.

I reported to him for his hypnotherapy and mandatory kissing session on time.  After a half hour of sitting in his lap and feeling his erection poke my cushy bottom while we made out, he set me aside and pulled out a wrapped present.  When my shaking hands got it unwrapped and opened I just sat there staring at it for a long moment.  I mean, it’s not often that you get to look into a box and see a pussy staring back at you, hair included.    He set his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close to tell me that it was for me.  He had finally found the right combination of materials to use on his 3D printer to make a custom fit fake pussy.  He shushed me, telling me that he had got the measurements one time when I was under his hypnosis and that it wasn’t going to replace my penis…. Just help hold it in and give me that smooth panty line that I had been wanting. 

It was probably the hormones that made me burst out and scream that I didn’t want to have a pussy and throw it across the room.  Noah was fast on my discipline and had my pulled over his lap in no time flat, his erection still present and now poking me in the belly.  He jerked my pink mini skirt up and made me count out 20 hard spanks.  I don’t know if he understood the blubbering that came out on counts 17 through 20, but he accepted them and immediately went into the hypnosis with me still laying across his legs.  When I woke up I was laid out on my back with my legs spread wide.  My panties and skirt were completely gone and I could clearly see my new pussy. 

Noah’s work was really well designed.  Not only did it blend in with my own skin and hair, he used some kind of adhesive to make sure my penis lined up inside allowing me to pee.  He said it would never work if I could get an erection, but that I would be fine with it now.  He also reminded me that it took him a long time to get it just right and that if I pulled it off I would be severely disciplined…. Far more than a spanking. 

I shuddered as I tried to imagine what could be worse than being pulled over a man’s broad thighs and have his hand come crashing painfully down upon my sensitive curvy ass, and quickly knew that no matter how much I hated it…. I would leave my pussy in place. 

I think, looking back, that maybe the knowledge of my little useless package between my legs kept porn nights so chaste.  But now that I had Noah’s extra equipment hiding me away… and both Oscar and Hugo demanded a peep show to prove it was there… that was no longer a problem.  It was only a couple nights later that my fears were realized.  Oscar was on my left, holding my hand in his on his thigh while he jacked off with his other hand and Hugo was on my right doing the same thing.  That night I was wearing only my thong panties and bra as we all watched Agnes give each of her guys a hand job. 

It was Oscar that moved first.  His hand moved slowly and gently down to my wrist before pulling my hand over and wrapping my fingers around his cock.  I had seen all of my guys’ cocks so many times that I had forgotten just how well-endowed they were.  But when my fingers could barely wrap around Oscar’s girth, I realized that they were bigger than most porn starts and far FAR larger than I was even before the hormones.  A single tear rolled down my cheek as I sat still and let Oscar guide my hand up and down his length, feeling him throb and jerk in pleasured response.  It was only a few minutes before Hugo mirrored Oscar’s movement and I then found myself mirroring Agnes far closer than I ever wanted too. 

Neither Oscar nor Hugo lasted all that long.  It was probably just the fact that neither of them had felt anything other than their own hand in months and months… but a part of me couldn’t help but wonder if they found me attractive.  They both handed me their washcloths, and another first was whisked away…. I cleaned both of them up and guided their softening rods back into their pants.  It seems my guys didn’t care about my tear as porn night was increased to every night, and every night we started with an Agnes double hand job video. 

I’d like to think that the hypnotherapy sessions were working and that they were making me so calm.  Or maybe the hormones and gene therapy from Hugo were making me more accepting.  Or maybe being in ‘sub space’ for so long as Oscar called my submissive nature was coming to fruition and I just submitted to this new activity without thought.  I clung to any of these reasons as being better as the only other reason for me happily jacking these guys off night after night was because I really did enjoy it. 

The next step in my guys helping me with my sexual explorations… that’s what they now called our porn nights… was for me to learn oral.  It might have gone smoother if they had just sprung it on me.  Sadly I knew it was coming all day.  That morning I got a spanking from Hugo for mentioning his and his girlfriend’s argument.  While I was still crying and he was still rubbing my red ass I slipped off of his thighs… and in-between them.  I was so far in sub space from the spanking that I didn’t even back away as he pulled down his zipper and pried his hard cock free of his boxers.  He cupped his hand on my cheek and rubbed my tears away as he drew me closer to his long throbbing thick manhood. 

Just as the tip touched my quivering lips Oscar walked in and scolded Hugo.  I was happy that he stopped what would obviously been me being fed 8 inches of Hugo but upset that they left me there eye to eye with the monster as they talked about what was going on.  Oscar argued that this is an act that we should explore together in one of my sexual explorations.  Hugo countered that this naturally came up and that they should let me grow in any way and any time that it happened.  As Hugo made his points he jerked his hand a bit, tapping the head of his dripping cock to my lips.  All I could do was sit there, wanting so desperately to cry but instead staying quietly stoic because tears would mean another spanking.  They finally agreed that my oral training would wait for tonight but that it would be set up just like this so that it felt natural.

When they both left… after I tucked Hugo away of course… I finally broke down in quiet sobs.  Not only was my fellating of these men something I had to now look forward to all day, it was also accompanied by the knowledge that it would start off with a full spanking.  I guess they told Noah as all three of my guys had a little extra kick in their steps all day.  Every smile or wink from them sunk my heart as I imagined taking them into my mouth.  While making breakfast I stared at a bowl of half cooked egg whites, trying to imagine what their cum would feel like going down my throat.  What would it feel like splashing into my mouth.  What would it feel like spraying all over my face.  Lunch was almost intolerable as they made me cook them sausages…. And then started at me intently as they watched me eat mine.  Every pat on my rump seemed to remind me of my impending spanking.  Each compliment of my looks made me think of looking up at them from between their legs.  By the time the evening arrived I was practically shaking with fear. 

My sexual exploration that night started a little earlier and as promised it happened just as before to help me ‘get in the mood’.  Hugo had me over his knee and I was counting out my spanks as I felt his cock grow underneath me.  When he was finished with his 10 swats he gently nudged me until I ‘fell’ between his legs.  Just as before he cupped my cheek and rubbed the tears away even as he pulled his erect manhood from the confines of his underwear.  He slowly pulled me closer and I could feel the tension in my neck and shoulders and back fighting equally to pull away and to not earn another more firm spanking for balking.  This time when Hugo’s cock touched my lips there was no intrusion from Oscar to save me.  He was there just to watch as my lips parted and I was fed my man’s cock. 

To his credit Hugo was gentle and took his time.  Any mistake I made wasn’t met with scorn, instead he’d simply pull me off of his cock and calmly tell me how to do better.  I have no idea how he learned so much about blow jobs but he gave me tips on keeping my teeth out of the way, how to lick and slide my tongue where it needed to be, and even how to vary the pressure my lips made as they slid over the crown of his cock.  I must have been on my knees for 40 minutes giving him a blow job but finally with a few tugs of my hair Hugo exploded deep in my mouth.  I know he wanted to get into my throat but even with his tips I’d gag any time he got close.  I had to kneel there and accept their applause and listen to them compliment me on my cock sucking ability. 

When I went to stand up I felt a calm but firm hand on my shoulder.  Hugo smiled, put his junk back in his pants, and stood up, leaving room for Noah to sit down in front of me.  There was no removing his cock as he had already taken all of his clothes off and his proud cock was standing up straight.  He grinned and told me he understood how hard that was for me and how proud he was for me doing so well.  He then said he wanted to give me a treat while still letting me explore this new avenue of feminine feelings.  I jerked a little as I felt Oscar behind me, locking my wrists together with a pair of padded handcuffs.  While Noah slowly jerked his cock up and down Oscar repeated the action clicking my ankles together and finally locked the two pair of cuffs together, more or less hogtying me while I was kneeling instead of lying on my belly.  When I looked back up to Noah I saw him pull a ring gag from behind the couch and slide it into place behind my teeth.  With a practiced hand he tied the gag around my head and then leaned in to say quietly that this was for my benefit.  No more learning or trying to please them.  With these additions in place I could simply experience the feeling of having their cocks slide in and out of my mouth all night. 

The muffled moan coming from my mouth as I was leaned down over his manhood must have sounded erotic even as I had intended it to be a cry of denial.  And Noah kept his word.  With two handfuls of my hair he simply rocked me up and down onto his cock.  I didn’t have to use my tongue or my lips to please him as he completely controlled the action.  And when I eventually gagged from being pulled down too much?  He just chuckled and said I’d get used to it the more I did it. 

I gagged a lot that night, but he was right, I did get used to it.  It wasn’t with Noah that time, or Oscar’s first time.  It wasn’t even on any of my guys’ second round.  No I finally was able to deep throat Hugo after being fed two loads apiece from each of my guys.  Having them shoot directly down my throat saved me the indignity of trying to swallow it all and avoid having it run down my chin from my open mouth, but it also earned me another round from the guys. 

They actually called that last round my reward and promised if I was a good girl for them that I would get rewarded more often.  I have no idea how they kept so virile, but they ‘let’ me repeat the same thing the next night.  A good hearty spanking and 9 loads of cum deposited directly down my throat.     

I guess the next step should have been obvious, but it still took me by surprise.  Over the next few weeks I got very intimate knowledge of each of my guys’ cocks.  They said they varied the potions to keep me from getting board, but I think they just did it for the extra thrill.  The hogtied kneeling position was most common because it was my ‘reward’ position where I could just let go and ‘enjoy’ them, but at different time I had to kneel to their side and suck them off that way.  I had to lay down with my head hanging off the couch and let them feed their whole cock into me upside-down…. Their balls tickled my nose as they humped my face when they did that.  I had to lie down between their legs as they lied down on the couch.  I had to lie down and face them for a sideways 69 and sometimes they even licked my pussy in return… even though I couldn’t feel it.  I had to be pulled over from sitting next to them and bob up and down on them.  I had to lie on my back as they hovered over me and pile drive their meat in and out of my mouth. 

So one night while I was kneeling over Oscar’s sitting form and being fed his cock while Noah stood next to the couch and waited his turn, I felt Hugo step up behind me.  His hand gently gripped my thigh as he rubbed some kind of lube into my ass hole.  And I mean deep into my asshole, as his whole finger started sliding in and out.  Fearing… knowing… what was coming made me mewl in terror but the guys each caressed me to calm me down.  They all whispered how lovely I was even as their hands kept my lips gliding over Oscar’s meat pole and prevented me from bolting.  I had a fleeting moment to cry out as they let my lips come up off of Oscar while at the same time Hugo pushed into me from behind.  I felt like my whole back side was ripping in half and my scream was only quieted by my open mouth being guided to Noah’s waiting cock.

While Hugo took his time in fucking me they all seemed to recognize how hard this was for me.  Except for the quite obvious rape they were surprisingly gentle, and I only had to have Hugo’s cock up my ass.  At least only his cock that night.  The next night they kept everything the same except they changed positions.  While I blew Noah and Hugo, Oscar took me from behind. The following night it was Noah pumping in and out of my ass while Hugo and Oscar fed me my nightly snack. 

It was at that point that we stopped watching Agnes’ videos.  I guess the guys wanted me to see how natural I looked and had been filming most of our porn nights and all of my sexual explorations.  I was shocked to see just how much like Agnes I looked.  And worse… just how much like Agnes I acted. I guess it didn’t take much editing to cut out my crying and that just left me with all the forced smiles as I gave my guys their hand jobs, blow jobs, and let them fuck me.  After watching the first batch of videos I lost my room.  Oh I’d still use it to make myself pretty for my guys, but I never slept there again.  Each of the guys took turns pulling me into their beds for the nights. 

And although my now filmed sexual explorations continued each night, I was also ‘allowed’ to ‘make love’ to my guys in their beds.  Compared to the sexual explorations this was vanilla and plain.  They almost always preferred to take me in the missionary position with my legs wrapped around them.  There was just a lot more kissing and caressing and touching and whispered words of love. 

I don’t know when exactly they painted my room back to pink and purple but that’s also when I realized that all my clothes and makeup and other beauty products were in the same exact position as Agnes had left them.  It probably shouldn’t’ have been a surprise then when the guys told me that the next research team was coming to replace us.  Deep down somewhere in side of me I wanted to scream and hide and run to these people, begging them to save me… but my guys didn’t even have to tell me what my role was.  My mental conditioning was as solidified as my sweet sexy body. 

When the plane landed I saw Lucas, Victor, and Erik disembark leading a shy looking young man behind them.  His short cropped blonde hair reminded me of my own hair cut those long months ago.  Of course, I was introduced as Elsa to Charlie, the new caretaker.  I had to show him around and apologize for the pink room that he would inherit.  I even blushed just as Agnes did when Charlie asked me exactly what my job was here.  I could only tell him that I took care of all my guys’ needs. 

I of course took care of my guys’ needs on the plane while they introduced me to the mile-high club.  A very small quiet part of me hoped that this nightmare might be over.  Sure, it would be incredibly difficult to ever get my body back and even harder to get my mind working in any way other than that of a female sex slave, but I still was disappointed when the plane landed, and the car took us directly to the hospital.  My guys were all around me as the doctor explained exactly what would happen during the sexual reassignment surgery.  And when we were alone and maybe the last few genuine tears spilled down my cheeks, my guys were there for me.  They helped me through the emotional trauma by helping me into my reward position and utilizing every one of the seven hours before the surgery.  

source:  fuskator

O.K.... I have no idea where this story came from.  I honestly intended to log onto D+X as I'm trying to make my return there happen soon, but I wanted to see if I could pop out a quick obsucra.  So I headed over to Fuskator and found this lovely image.  For whatever reason I imagined he/she had been brought down to a Norwegian antarctic station under false pretenses and they made her into a girl.  Simple really.  I could wrap that up in like 4 paragraphs.  

But as I wrote it out I kept finding these delicious little details that kept me going.  Like losing his clothes, and introducing Agnes.  Like having him get a reason to be smooth skinned and have long hair.  Like finding just about any way I could to include 'my guys' into the story.  And then of course the sex scenes.  Oh god, I just fell in love with those, and while I was trying to work toward the single image I had pulled out for this 'story', I kept finding new fun things to explore.  Watching porn with her guys.  Giving her first hand job, moving into the blow job and then making that whole process slow and anticipatory and then take it further and making it an all night cum feed-a-thon!  

This took me almost all day to write.  I worked around all my laundry, two shopping trips at the store, two shopping trips online, and even playing some games with my brother and some friends.  But I must have been sitting here typing for around 9 hours today!  

I'm not going to say this is one of my better stories.  It's a build up to some fun sexy squirmy scenes, but I really had a blast writing.  I hope you like it at least a third as much as I liked writing it! 


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