Monday, December 11, 2017

Pecking Order

There is a natural order that must be maintained!

Sure, it was humiliating after my secretary changed me into a woman.  Was it some magical artifact?  Some magical spell from a shopping mall gypsy? Some kind of curse when I fucked her?  I don't know, but it was shocking and terrible to see myself as my own fantasy woman.  Natural red hair, soft feminine voice, smallish perky breasts, a face that even without makeup looks gorgeous, shaply legs and hips.   I was the complete package.

And she used my shock and horror to her full advantage. She convinced me that I needed to do everything she said if there was any hope to return my masculinity.  I had to be the full package both inside and out.  I had to live where I put her in the pecking order... at the bottom. I was given false identification papers and a job in my own firm.  I worked for that ass hat Jacobs who'd already cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars in sexual harassment settlements.  And I couldn't deny him... I had to submit to whatever he asked.

In a way I could see her point.  I was living through what I put her through.  I had to wear the short skirts and tight tops.  I had to show off my tits and my ass.  I couldn't do anything but giggle in that coquettish way when he slapped my ass playfully... or not so playfully.  I had to lay over his lap for those discipline sessions when he found fault with my typing.  I had to slip my hand down his trousers and give him a hand job.  I had to kneel and smile while he jacked off in my face.  I had to moan like a whore while he fed me all 9 inches of his cock and scream like a call girl when he stuffed it into my wet tight pussy.

If I hadn't found out her lies I'd probably still be there, paying my penance and thinking I was working my way back to manliness.   But I did find out her lies.  I found out that she didn't know why I had turned into a woman.  I found out that she didn't know if I'd ever change back.  I found out that she just took advantage of me.  So things changed.

Jacobs was fired.  Sexual harassment can be bought off... sexual assault not only gets me paid but puts him on the bread line.  I was promoted to head of the secretarial pool putting her back under my thumb.  Oh I still blow the boss, but now I do it for profit.  My once little sexy secretary is now again my sexy little secretary.  And just as my boss throws me the occasional boning, I throw her an occasional boning.

I might not be at the top of the pecking order anymore... but I'm here to keep the status quo and show my sexy little secretary that she's still at the bottom!

I found this little gem on another TG site while I was making and posting all of my recent D+X Institute posts.  The core for this story struck me hard and I had to write it down.  To be honest, I almost posted it right then and there, but decided to hold back and let the D+X Posts have their time in the sun.  Unfortunately I normally add where the picture (or animated gif in this instance) came from in the last of the posting process.  By the time came around for me to post this obscurra I've forgotten where it came from.  You'll just have to trust me that it came from someplace wonderful!

Now, with all that being said, if you haven't read through my D+X posts, this would be a wonderful time to do so.  Evidently there have been quite a few new additions to D+X in the past couple weeks and I'd just love it if there were even more.  I wouldn't be asking you to do this if I didn't think you'd love it to.  Come Play with Me!


  1. Love the gif and the obscura. ITS nice that the guy gets to come out on top occasionally. Well middle at any rate.

  2. I really enjoyed that one, especially the ending.