Sunday, December 3, 2017

D+X Institute: Media Services

Sexy Techs and Starlets

Ahhh Media Services.   My own department.  In case it wasn't clear, I am the Managing Executive of the Media Services department at the D+X Institute.  Technically I'm on a hiatus right now, but until the Board takes the department away from me or I decide I can no longer play at D+X, that's my department.

One thing I really love about Media Services is that it's new when compared to the other departments and isn't quite as neatly focused.  When I came to the Institute personally the Media Services department wasn't a teaching department.  There were no media services classes or students.  It was set up to be a portion of the Personal Services department.  Where the girls in PS were the sluts and whores of the Institute, the Media Services girls were the directors and camera operators and fluffers.  That's how it got it's original name of 'Media Services'.... one step above the AV Club of the Institute.

BUT it was being run brilliantly and eventually did morph into a teaching department.  Soon enough there were little teal girls running around who were actually taking classes in film and television and acting.  Fast Forward a few years and when I returned, Media Services had a complete makeover.  Sure, it still did acting and television and movies... but it also did the Internet and Cam Girls and Tech Support and Librarians and Music and Theater.  It was above all else, the creative playground of the Institute.

The only issue I really had was it's lack of clear focus.  All the other departments are just as complex in their own way, but they also immediately inspire the fantasy of their chosen specialty.  Secretary?  Office Services.  Whore?  Personal Services.  Slave?  Catacombs.  So on and so forth.  Media Services on the other hand has far more diverse and spread out.  A sexy nerdy tech that can talk about Star Was and argue that Han shot first all while giving you an innocent hand job is one of our girls.  At the same time a sultry seductive movie actress with perfect hair and makeup on the casting couch giving you her oral presentation is also one of our girls.  So is that innocent looking librarian studying the Kama Sutra.  So is that pig tailed cam girl teasing and pleasing her internet audience.  So is that girl standing up on stage singing into the microphone.  So is...

When I came on as an Administrative Executive, I made the argument that our department wasn't as much about the character playing... it was about the player playing.  Alleria, her wife Aislyn, Autumn, Ginger, Jenna, and myself were all incredibly creative.  A post with a single line was completely foreign to us (unless it was for overly dramatic effect!).  We were about elaborate stories and wouldn't mind if a thread lasted 6 months if it was progressing the story-line and everybody was having fun.  There was no hurry in our giddy up.

My plan was to push that.  Creativity above all else.  I would expect nothing less out of our staff and I would expect nothing less out of our girls.  We were certainly a small department, but most of our girls were already on board with the idea and excelling at their own stories.  And then my own personal life went to hell.  I won't go into that as these posts are about D+X, but I had to step away.  It's not that I can't find my femme side like I've done before.... no, I just couldn't log in on any type of regular basis and participate.

I left the department in my AE's capable hands, but just like I wouldn't rock the boat if my boss left me in charge, she's doing her best to maintain.  We're low on staff too and that's what I was working on... getting more ladies to come over to the Teal side and help expand our teaching capacity.

The frame work of the department is strong.  The core staff are in place.  Media Services will grow and have fun and be THE place for creative play at the Institute (can you hear that?  Yeah that's me tooting my own horn!).  Bur seriously, I want the girls in our department that have an 'odd' story.  One that can't be told in the confines of other departments.  One that requires unique individual classes and a lot of 'behind the scenes' conversations to get everything set up.

I have no problem with people wanting to play with the tropes of other departments.  Hell, I'm a walking advertisement for the Office Services department myself as I wanted to experience that Secretary story.  So I'm in no way saying that other departments aren't open to creative fun play.  All I'm saying is that the Media Services I see in the future will have it's bread and butter BE that creative play.

And just in case you've gotten this far and are still wondering 'But... what does Media Services do?' then lemme put it simply.  We do the fantasies and tropes that aren't covered by the other departments.  If you want to be a nurse, slave, secretary, whore, maid, or wife, then there are departments that fit you just fine.  But if your fantasy lies outside of those six fine areas.... then Media Services is the department for you.

If you still need more information, then I highly suggest heading on over to D+X Institute and reading up on it.  You can see some of the classes, read up on some of the stories, and get more granular information.  And if you see something you like then you should dive in and set up an account to read up even more and finally....

Come Play with Me!

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