Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dream Job

Deep down we all dream of jobs like this!

This is another cap I did for Candy over at the Haven.   Candy was going through a tough time (according to her posts on the Haven) and was searching for a job.  She is also an Anime fan (yes... the dirty kind!), and while I'm not a fan of making caps using Anime pics, I always try to oblige my targets desires.

So after reading about Candy's job search I started looking for anime images that would inspire some sort of job search cap.  I looked at maids, stewardesses, space pilots, warriors, secretaries.... anything with an obvious 'job' associated with it.  I found many interesting images (Anime is just SO naughty!) but none of them told me a story.  I finally saved this image figuring I would work out some sort of 'future shemale stewardess' job story.  I had to clean up the image as their was originally a solid red stripe running through the background and that gave me plenty of time zoomed in on the action in the picture.  While looking at it, I noticed that the expressions weren't all that 'expressive'.  Its one of the problems I have with Anime images.... the faces look either stoic and emotionless, or overly expressive!

But in this instance that worked for me.  The people in this cap seemed to be posing... and then the engines roared to life!  I wouldn't have a story illustrated with an Anime drawing, or put Candy in some Henti Universe... I would give her a job in an Anime studio!  The illustration would be the drawing made from her job as a model!

Working from that premise and that image, I came up with this story fairly quickly.

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  1. Mmmm,

    A dream job indeed but your about to find out what your dream jobs gonna be after this lil bit of humiliation. :3 ~

    Thanks again for all the lovely back n forths.