Sunday, December 5, 2010

Put To Good Use (Guest Cap)

The 'Blush Inducing' Cap made for me by Petra

This is a cap made for little ole me at the Haven by Petra.  If you want to read my full thoughts on this wonderfull cap please read my post "I'm still blushing".  I'm sure you'll see that my description doesn't do it justice!

I'd like to use this as an example of creating and sharing caps for other people. I enjoy creating caps.  It lets me live out a little fantasy of mine.  But for me, that joy can be had by sitting quietly, listening to some music, and letting my mind wander.  Or browsing online and looking at pictures/videos and imagining my own situation and dialog for these images.  

Most of the caps that I see out there are great.  They are wonderfully written, descriptive, and beautiful.  Artistic, creative and inspiring.  But they cater to a wide variety of preferences that I don't particularly enjoy.  Like other photos and videos, I can internally change the cap to what I like, but it still isn't the same as having a cap made for me.  When someone makes a cap for me that follows my preferences, it is a cap the way that I want to see it.  It may not have a wide audience base, but it has made me incredibly happy.  Not only does it match my preferences, but it uses my name.... that really pulls me into the situation.  

On the flip side of that, I can help someone live out their own personal fantasy.  If I work at it, and really know this  person, or read and understand their preferences, I can make someone just as happy.  Their own personal cap staring them, hitting all of their own buttons.  

This cap that Petra made for me is even better.  It hit me on a level that I didn't know I had.  The only way someone was going to get me this deeply is to make caps for me, and see how I react.  What I liked, and what I didn't.  What hit my buttons, and what was a little off target.  And then to see what I write in caps made for them.  This ongoing exchange makes a cap trade get closer and closer to perfect.  And even when you think you can't get any closer.... you do.

This is all a long way for me to say this: For fans of this type of art, to head on over to Rachel's Haven.  See what is going on there, and join on up.  If you have any creativity at all, it will be nurtured and helped.  If you have never used a paint style program before, they have you covered with easy to understand tutorials.  And maybe one day you can receive a cap like this, that just blows your socks off!

Oh yea... and while the blush has finally faded from my cheeks, it still makes a return appearance whenever I see this cap, or event think about it.  Thank Petra for letting me share your wonderful cap here, and thanks again for the great cap itself!

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