Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm still blushing

I was going to post another one of my old caps, but then Petra made me blush!

I seemed to have fallen into a good rhythm of one old cap (in chronological order) and one new cap (reverse chronological order).  After writing about the process I go through for each cap, I am a little wiped out and I want to leave enough 'creative' room so that I can still cap afterward if the fancy catches me.

But in all honesty I don't know the order that I made these caps in.  As I posted them all originally at Rachels Haven, I have a very reliable source to go back and see which one is up next.

So this morning after I am back from work and read all my news, sports, and other blogs I head on over to the Haven to find out which cap is next ("A Threesome?". is up next, and I'll post that later today after (if?) I cool off!).  Of course while at the Haven I check for any replies to my posts.  I see a few and check out what is being said.  Next I always check my folder to see if anyone has sent me a cap.  And there i see a cap from Petra titled "Put to good use"

If you have read my previous posts about "He Didn't Know..." and "Saving Vicky, Making Petra" you know that Petra and I have similar preferences, and we really enjoy each other's caps.  Well Petra out did herself on this one.  She it a spot so deep into my psyche with this cap that I didn't even now that spot existed.  I joke around a bit about 'blushing' when I see a particularly interesting/devious cap.  Well Petra has really made me blush with this one.  I read this cap about an hour ago now, and I still feel the flames on my cheeks!!!

I don't want to post this completely perfect and awesome cap without Petra's permission, but let me draw you a mental picture.

The photo for the cap is a black and white of a shapely women tied up.  The angle is low showing off her bare bottom (and what a sexy bottom it is!). She is wearing high heels, a short flared black skirt, and a striped long sleeve blouse.  You can see her manicured fingers stretching as if trying to pull free from the insidious arm binding keeping her arms safely behind her. She is kneeling down on one knee and one spiky heel, facing away from the camera. You cannot see her face, but her entire posture (leaning forward, head down, chest out) is that of someone struggling.  Being that she is facing away from the camera really adds the the allure of 'that is not just some woman.... that is ME!!!!!'

Now that is just the photo.  With a photo like this, the story could be the text from a Russian cook book and I would still love it.  But the story that Petra weaves seems to have come directly from my subconscious.  The cap is written from the perspective of  the my girlfriend talking to me.  It isn't long, just four paragraphs, but the psychological effect on me has been profound!   Just some of the key phrases that keep going through my head:

You can struggle all you want 'Caitlyn'....
it is your fault that you had to be tied up...
hours working on make-up, fitting wigs, applying fake nails.....
the perfect outfit for her sissy boy...
on you knees....
live out your fantasy...
that will be your friends....
you are going to have to think of a way to divert their attention...
putting those pretty little lips of yours to use....

These words will haunt me.  And it will be a haunting that I will relish!!!!

I want everyone to know that Petra has now created the perfect caption for me.  I'm not talking about a 'good' caption. I'm not talking about 'one of my favorites'.  I'm talking about perfection.  I always appreciate caps that I receive.  Each one is a gift and I am thankfull for each and every one.  But this one strikes such a cord in me that I don't know how to react (beyond blubbering here and blushing my face off!).

Thank you Petra!

By the way.... still blushing!


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  2. Glad you enjoyed that caption Petra made, so well Caitlyn.

    I share many of the same prefs myself, so I'm sure it is a button pusher. Plus Petra is a wonderful Capper, so it's no wonder you fell in love with it. ^_^

  3. I really have to say that I'm both blushing and honored by your words here. You cannot know how happy it makes me to know that you liked the caption. I crave feedback on my work to the point where even a "oh that's nice" makes me happy. But to have such adamant, eloquent and plentiful praise as this is really kind of humbling.

    I have to say that I'm a little bit scared to make another caption for you now. I seriously doubt that I'll ever again be able to achieve the combination of circumstances that lead to making something that touched you so. However I feel like you've given me waaaay more than I've given you with all this attention, so I'm definitely gonna try :)

    Oh and you certainly have my permission to post the cap here if you want. A few of my captions have shown up in other places like Ashley's and Rebecca's. It's always been an honor to share space with talented artists like them and it will be an honor to appear next to your work.

  4. Ya know, I've read the comments I left here, as well as the comments I left on The Haven. I realize I may have come across a little harsh on other caps left for me. Especially when I wrote

    "I want everyone to know that Petra has now created the perfect caption for me. I'm not talking about a 'good' caption. I'm not talking about 'one of my favorites'. I'm talking about perfection."

    While I do truly love this cap, I think it was a little harsh of me to say that this is perfection. As I read it now, it comes across as:

    "I didn't like any of my previous caps, and don't bother writing a cap for me, because I probably won't like it"

    That couldn't be further from the truth. I have loved every single cap I have received. And to just to make sure, I reviewed all of my previous caps given to me on The Haven. They are all great!

    So to anyone that has traded with me: I'm sorry if I didn't come across as appreciative when I responded to yours, but I really do love it!

    And to anyone still willing to trade with me: I look forward to seeing trading caps with you, and I'm sure I will love your cap!