Thursday, December 2, 2010

Saving Vicky, Making Petra

Mmm... cross dressing magic blow jobs!

In the post of "He Didn't Know..." I mentioned that I had recently made a cap for Petra.  This is that cap.

As I mentioned Petra and I have similar tastes, so its pretty easy to write for her.  And I get the bonus of having a cap series that hits my buttons too!  I wanted to explore several things with this series.  The thought of being stuck in a situation that felt humiliating and horrible, but being forced (both internally and externally) to keep up the charade.  I also wanted to do a cap that involved cross dressing instead of being magically or technologically changed.  I think I am beginning to really like the idea of cross dressing in caps.  It makes the whole 'OH MY GOD! HE IS GOING TO FIND OUT!' fear feel more real.  I still added magic, as it is one of Petra's preferences (one area where we differ) and it could help getting over the hump of 'He doesn't want to be doing this, but can't help it".  I'll tell you now, that I went through quite a long thought process before writing this series.  And as I did this just a month ago its still fresh.

So as always I started by doing an image search.  I wanted to have two women and one man for the photos.  I still didn't have a story in mind, but I knew I wanted to have a female protagonist forcing this upon our 'victim'.  The hard part is finding a threesome that is photographically done well (I really don't like 'snapshots'), that involves a red head (copper tops is something else Petra and I shave a love of!).  I finally came across these images, and the look on the redhead's face in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th panels sold me.

So now I had a set of photos to work with and some basic ideals.  I followed my normal process and started with how to end this series (having so many great images I knew I could let myself go and write a long enough cap to make it a series).  I figured Petra would end up on her knees in front of this guy... but why?  Well naturally she would be hiding her true identity (ooo... and hiding her hard on!?) but running away would be a good way out of that situation, so I needed more.  I figured the blond here would be involved, but why would she want to do this?  She should want to punish Petra, but I figured this would be new to Petra.  So blondie would need a reason to punish a girl she hadn't seen before..

Hmm... I thought for awhile on this.  Petra could look like someone blondie knows, but that didn't sit well with me having Petra cross dressing.  She could want to punish Peter, but I didn't want her to know that she was doing this to a guy.  How about jealousy?  She was a lover to Peter's girl friend and catches him sneaking out the door looking like another lesbian friend.  But that would mean that Peter's girlfriend was either cheating on him, or that Peter was a little more accepting of homosexual relations (at least lesbian ones).  I really wanted the humiliation to come through, so I didn't want any non heterosexual ideas in Peters head.  But how about protecting Peter?  Better yet, protecting Peter's girlfriend.   Yea, she thinks that Peter is cheating on his girlfriend, and she wants to get rid of this harlot!  Got it!

At that point I just needed to get to the beginning.  I have Peter coming out of his apartment dressed as Petra and getting his humiliating torture, but why did he dress as Petra to begin with?  As I knew I would be using some sort of magic I caught onto the idea of making his girlfriend a witch.  I always thought that was rather cliché and over used... so how about a witch that isn't good?  Hey, using him for practice!  Thats perfect, and it even explains why he is dressed up.... she magically gives him the urge to cross dress.

So I open up word, and start writing.  After the first page or so, I couldn't quite make having Peter's girlfriend force him want to dress up (even if it was accidental) work.  So I started thinking about the beginning again.  I still liked the idea of Peter's girlfriend being a witch in training and practicing on him, but it needed to be more subtle.  Then I came across the idea of her 'accidentally' changing his voice.  That leads to her have to disguise him so that she could get someone else to change Peter's voice back.  That worked much better.  It really enforced him having to disguise his true identity to protect his girlfriend   Once I started writing this time, it all just fell in to place as you see here.  The ending kind of surprised me.  I hadn't intended on Peter liking his situation, even from the magic.  But when the end came around it felt so right to have him dreaming of a future with this man.  Even re-reading it, it feels right.

I can tell that I worked a little too long at it.  I had spent SO much time thinking and writing, that I didn't spend much time proof reading it.  I now see several typos that I should have easily caught.

A last quick word about why it took so long (I think this took about 5 or 6 hours in total), but didn't go over several days.  I find it VERY difficult to finish a half started cap.  If I can't get it done in one sitting, it will never get done.  I don't know what it is, but opening up word and/or Photoshop and trying to capture that same feeling is just beyond my abilities.  I've tried this several times, but have never found success.  If I don't finish it in the one sitting, I just end up not ever finishing it.  The best I've ever done is start over and make a new cap using images I had played with earlier.  But the story portion never matched up with the original idea I had.

I think thats what scares me about writing a full fledged story.  I tend to write in spurts, so I don't think I could write more than a very short story in one sitting.  I would HAVE to be able to come back again (and again and again) to the same story and find a way to capture that same feeling so that I could continue where I left off, and not just start over.


  1. God damn that's a good'un

  2. Suuuuppperr hot. Love these crossdressing mixed with spells.

  3. Mmm, I still love this cap. I think my favorite part is the whispering in the ear ... or maybe it's the no way out without worse consequences ... or maybe it's the happy ending (double entendre, completely intentional there ;) ).

    Thanks again Caitlyn.

  4. Wonderful story. It had me guessing where it was going and then delivered with surprises. Yummy!

  5. Thank you for the compliments!

    I really like this one myself. And that fact that Petra really gets into it (double entendre non intended.... but enjoyed!) makes it even better!