Thursday, July 21, 2011

Alleria and Rhianna's Fantasy

A twofer?  Well..... kinda.

As you all must assuredly know by now, I get almost all of the ideas for capping from Rachel's Haven (Hey... The Haven Quarterly Issue #1 is still up for sale!).  Now most preferences are for men transforming into a woman.  There are many varieties like magic vs technology, revenge, sweet, memory retention, hair color and so on, but men transforming into women is really the name of the game.  I knew of several exceptions including Rachel herself which likes the idea of a woman transforming into a man, and Vicki Santuse who likes transforming from a woman into a shemale. But they all involve transforming.  But then comes along Alleria.  She likes to have caps involving her transforming Ryan into Rhianna.  Now she accepts others, but she stays female in them.

That presents a new and interesting wrinkle.  And to add to it, she really only wants caps involving her and Ryan/Rhianna, as they are a couple in real life.  Perfectly understandable... but certainly not the 'everyday' cap.

So my first thought was Alleria capturing Ryan and transforming him.  It would start off as unwilling, but end up as a loving sweet cap (much like them!).  I quickly found this image which meshed well with the basic idea:

Clicking on the image not only gave me the larger version, but also sent me to this page where I had more to choose from. Now with all these images to work from, I figured I would write, then see which picture fit in.  The first draft didn't get far though... I kept having a hard time playing up the 'unwilling' part for Ryan, and leaving room for it to end sweetly.  That is really just from me... I like 'unwilling' a lot, so I write it as VERY 'unwilling'  And to be honest, the writing was just bad.

So I took another swing, but had an idea of Alleria and Ryan/Rhianna playing at an unwilling fantasy but through their thoughts it would be clear that it was all play.  But after a few lines it became clear that this would follow an odd formula.  Alleria speaks, then Alleria thinks, then Ryan/Rhianna thinks.  Rinse and repeat  several times.  And then it hit me... why not make it two captions!?  I could make the speaking part the same, but in one cap you'll get Alleria's thoughts, while the other you'll get Ryan/Rhianna's thoughts!  Oh that would be fun!

So I kept writing out as I had (Alleria speak, Alleria think, Rhianna think), but as I wrote I kept changing it a bit, making it clear that they had done this before (I was originally thinking this was their first and only time), and by the time I got done I had set up a world where they had been doing this for some time.  When I got to the nipple pinching part I figured it made a good cap (two in fact!).  So I started thinking of a title.  One didn't spring out to me, so I was going to just call it Alleria and Rhianna (then reverse it to Rhianna and Alleria for the other part).

Next I needed a photo.  The last one I was looking at was the nipple pinch (hence the ending) and I didn't see one that worked better, so I pulled it into Photoshop to crop:

When I went to crop, my intention was to get both of their faces in it, but still have it be a long/tall image.  But getting enough of both faces meant it was wider than I wanted.  So I made a selection of the rough size I wanted and started moving it around to see how to crop it.  To keep Alleria's face in it meant cropping out quite a bit of Rhianna's.  Keeping Rhianna's meant cropping some of Alleria out.


I dont' know why I hadn't thought of it before.  My original thought was to just use the same image... but why use the EXACT same image when I can use it, but focus on the person who was thinking!  I think that little addition really helped you focus on who's fantasy you were reading... and then boom I had the new titles too!

Once I put the title and newly cropped photos in I started putting the story in... but it felt just a little flat.  I pumped up some of it, but it was still lacking something.  The last part came from my own thinking... it went something like this 'man I wish I could live out that fantasy... I wish someone would live out that fantasy with me... I wish there was a service for a fantasy like that.... wait, what if Alleria and Rhianna were at a fantasy clinic... better yet, what if they WERE the fantasy clinic!!!!

A couple minutes in word, and I had the last sequence.  And since I now had Rhianna speaking, I wanted to give her some more lines, just to help establish the text coloring.  So I added in her quick responses to Alleria.

The   last thing was adding in the background image.  I wanted something curvy and abstract as the text was already on the 'difficult' side of legibility.  So I found this image, colored it the same hue of purple I already had in the background and stretched it to fit:

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  1. Really cool idea. I'd love to see some more captions done in this style. It opens up a lot of opportunities to tell multiple stories from the same scenario. If you applied this to some of your forced captions you could create some really interesting and unique pieces that would allow you to explore the eroticism of both the dominating "hunter" and the mental struggle of the unwilling "prey." Great job.