Friday, July 29, 2011

Read the instructions first

It's the little details that always lead to the second blowjob!

To be honest, I was feeling very blah today.  I thought I might go ahead and just cap to cap.  Most of the people on my list are people that I want to make special caps for, so I didn't want to give a half assed attempt to them.  So I looked up one of my favorite cap pic subjects... blow jobs.

This was honestly the first image that came up for the search term I used and it didn't look bad so I grabbed it (again, I may have found fault if I was trying for someone or something in particular.. but this was a cap to cap so the image didn't matter):

So with a decent blowjob pic in hand I just needed a story.  I stared at the pic and maybe its just my mood, but I saw not a first blowjob, but a second one.  And not a strong humiliation or embarrassment theme... just a 'grumble grumble, i can't believe i have to do this again!' type feeling.  With that in mind, I didn't think of any more details, opened up word and started those fingers to tapping.

I got to about mid way of what I have here, but took a curve the lead to a dead end.  I was trying to write something about how they had to have the same wish, but as they wished for different things, it formed a compromise.

But it felt 'dark' the way I was writing.  The feminized character (it wasn't Steve/bunny at this point... more on that later) wanted her life back, while the 'buddy' wanted her to stay the same.  But I couldn't make that work.  Plus it didn't flow with the light hearted first half, which would require a complete rewrite. So I backed off and figured as long as I'm making it funny, I'll make the reason for it funny.  That got me through the story.

Now is it full of clichés?  Yes.  It even includes one that I don't like.  The old 'if you orgasm the spell becomes permanent'.  I hate that, but I wanted a quick and easy reason why they didn't just have sex.  And the thought of writing out why that would be more embarrassing and mentally damaging to our damsel would be many more words than I wanted to put to paper (er... put to... screen?).  And again, this was a mental stretching exercise, so why bother about clichés?

But something happened.  I did the basic re-write and then threw it into Photoshop and.... I liked it.  I certainly didn't love it.  But it came out better than I though it would.  Certainly good enough that I wouldn't mind giving it to someone.   Now I've tried to always make a cap specifically for someone.  I like the idea of making a cap then shoehorning their 'name' into it and calling it a cap for them about as much as I like using the 'if you orgasm it becomes permanent'.

But... beggars can't be choosers.  And with my sporadic urge and ability to cap being so limited I figured I should take advantage of a good cap and do just that.  So I looked at the list of people I owe caps too.

Jennifer?  No... she

  • A quick note... I was interrupted at writing up this post by a visitor.  So while I'll try to recapture my train of thought, I may have missed some of what I was tying to convey, as the previous portion of this write up was started minutes after finishing the cap. 

So I looked at the list of people I owe caps too:

  • Jennifer?  No... she made me a wonderfully long series, and I wanted to pay her back with something equally special. 
  • greatgooglymoogly?  No... I just started RPing with googs over at DX, and I have something in mind with what I am learning about her from there.
  • Cassandra?  No... she has inspired me in some special ways recently, and I want something more directly for her. 
  • Bren?  Nope.  She gets only USDA Grade A Caitlyn.
  • Realfield?  Maybe.  I just made two caps for realfield in the past few weeks (so about 25% of my recent output!), and again it would feel odd to increase that while others have waited so patiently.
  • sp2000?  Hmm... sp JUST made me a cap as part of the Haven eZine Fund Raiser, and I would feel a little odd paying it back so quickly when all the above people have waited so patiently for weeks (months?) 

The only other cap on my radar is a response to my last challenge involving 80s cartoons. Obviously that doesn't apply here.  So really the only one that felt at least partially right is Realfield.  Now the other two caps I made for her are following along with her 'Strong Alpha Male' request.  Beyond lacking that angle, this cap does fit her preferences.  So I took the time to add in her names, and a few phrases that pumped it more to her preferences.

Now I think overall this is a good cap. But it is lacking a few finesse details.  Looking at it now (hours after posting it) I'm not happy with the font.  Its a little harder to read that what I like, and doesn't fill the space quite right.  I'm not happy about the purple text color.  It works with the pink, but it doesn't really come from the picture or anything else. I think the picture could have been cropped a little tighter (Maybe the top down to the corner of her eye?).  And I'm not crazy about the title bar... with the shadow effect on the title itself, the bar should have a little more with it.

So what does this mean?  Well I can still force a cap out when I want, but it seems I am a little out of my strike zone.  I haven't heard from Realfield about it, so I'll let her pass final judgement.


  1. Yay! Apathy porn! And I thought *I* was the only one that captioned that particular weird brand of photo!

    I've created some more generic type captions before, and then personalized them a bit when I figured out who it was for. Those tend to be more of a "Quickie" type caption than a well-thought out one (not sure if I EVER really do well thought out and planned, but I digress) It still comes out well though I think.

    I will wait to see what else you have to say, but don't ever be afraid to use those two types .. archetypes and stereotypes. It can be so liberating in not having to explain every little piece in a caption, and if you can spin some plot point OFF of them, it makes it even better. Quick brainstorming session here ... two women, one black and one white are blowing a guy you only see from the waist down. Here is what I am thinking ... back in one minute to think ... They are/were cops, lethal weapon style. As such, the black dude is probably close to retirement, and the white guy is whack-a-doodle crazy. The dialog must include "I'm getting too old for this shit!" from the black guy, and perhaps a callback to The Simpsons with "MENDOZA!!" as s cry of orgasm from the white guy.

  2. loved both the story and the image used here.

  3. I don't see any issues with it sweetie. I would say as far as Caitlyn captions go, it's probably in the B range. Not every caption can be OMIGODZ!

    The only thing that got me was it took a minute to figure out that it was 2 people talking at first. Otherwise, it was pretty spot on.

    You have to stop being so hard on yourself! Sheesh!