Thursday, July 14, 2011

[Question] Several questions including inspiration and shaving

Inspiration, Shaving and Cocktoberbest?  Oh My.

Since it seems to have broken your writer's block, I challenge you to read ALL of my "Kink of the Day" posts

Humorously enough this question came in from Angel a couple days before my writers block came back with a vengeance.  I will say that its not much of a challenge, only because it is interesting to read Angel's 'Kink of the Day' posts, and I was already keeping up with them.

I really wish reading things like that were the way for me to get out of my block(s).  But I read through capping blogs almost every day.  If you want to know what I read regularly I list them to the right under 'Blogs I Enjoy'.  I hate to say it, but I don't list blogs to trade traffic... I list these blogs because I want to read them day in and day out.  You may notice I will occasionally drop a blog, and even add one from time to time.  But sadly when I'm in my deepest writers blocks, I dont' even get enjoyment out of reading caps.  There are only two blogs that I read whether I'm in the mood for capping or not... and those are Dee's and Jennifer's blogs.

Dee's blog because it is more about the creation of caps, than showcasing her wonderful caps.  I am almost always up for talking about the creative process since creating is often universal.  So I'm not in a TG mood... that doesn't mean I can't apply the conversations from Dee's blog to the web banner I'm making someone, or the custom greeting card I'm sending a friend.

Jennifer's blog because her and my interests are the closest I've seen to anybody beyond Petra (and Petra doesn't have a blog).  So if there is any capper likely to get me in the 'mood' to cap just by seeing one of their caps, its Jennifer.

Other than that, I can't say what gets me into a mood to write.  Sometimes its the random story idea that just 'pops' into my head.  Sometimes its an erotic image.  Sometimes its the chap stick in the aisle at the checkout counter.  Honestly if I knew what it took, I would be capping all the time.

But Angel, thank you for suggesting that.  And keep up the Kinks of the day... I believe I still owe you a cap, and neither you nor I know when that mood will strike!

Hey, I was just wondering if you've ever shaved completely. What did/would you tell others in your non-caitlin life as an excuse?

I'm not sure who sent this in, but it really got me to thinking.  Sadly it didn't get me thinking enough to write up an answer really quick (it was asked 4 days ago!), but it did get me to thinking.  

Sadly, no.  I have never shaved completely.  I have trimmed just about every hair on my body beyond my arm and leg hairs.  Yes that includes pits, chest, and pubes.  The idea of shaving completely has interested me, but several things have stopped me from doing it.  For one I almost always have my arms exposed.  I wear short sleeve shirts almost all the time, and when I DO wear long sleeve shirts, I apply a french cuff to them (rolling them up, but on the inside, not the outside) so my arms are visible.  For another, I don't grow hair all that fast anywhere on my body.  Its a familial thing as my Father and both Grandfathers had the same issue.  While some people have to shave their face in the morning and evening, I shave my face once every other day.  And I've let it go three of four days without many people noticing at all.  The same applies to my body hair (burned my leg once and had to 'regrow' the hair there... took forever!) and even the hair on my head (I'll explain how I know that later).  

But then again, there wouldn't be many people who would notice my legs, chest, pits, or pubes shaved.  And if they did, I could always explain it off as an experiment.  As it wouldn't be far from the truth, I could say that lie with a straight face.  But EVERYONE would ask about my arms.  And for that smooth 'feminine' feeling, I would want ALL body hair removed.  Smooth chest and abdomen, smooth legs, smooth pubic area, smooth pits, and smooth arms.  But I think before get to that point, I would try out cross dressing again.  I've had my moments checking out some lacy stockings. or various styles of panties at the store... but the desire to try it again hasn't been strong enough to really purchase it.  

Now about my head.  No I didn't experiment with skin heads or anything like that.  My father was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, and went through several rounds of chemo.  As expected he started losing his hair.  He didn't want to watch it thin out and go away, so he decided to go to the barber and have it shaved off.  I didn't want him to go through that alone, so I shaved my head as well. I kept it that way (shaving it every other day or so to keep my scalp as smooth as his) until he passed away.  When I did finally let it grow back, it took a while, and some of it didn't grow back.  In the course of several bald months, I gained widows peaks. And while most of the hair on my head is still as thick as it was before, there are some thin spots that weren't there before.  

I mention that only because I have an honest fear of shaving my body hair and having some of it not come back.   Perhaps one day the desire to experience that smooth feminine feeling will overpower that fear, but it won't be any time soon. 

What are your plans for this years Cocktoberfest?

In case you aren't in the know, Angel made a wonderful cap over at the Haven involving a cute girl under an 'Oktoberfest' banner that she manipulated to say 'Cocktoberfest'.  Its a great cap, and you should all head over to the Haven and read it (or head over to her blog and ask her to post it there!).  

That being said, I have no plans for Cocktoberfest this year.  I'm quite stiff and  like to play it out differently each year, and see what comes up.  And if nothing arises, I'll throw my friends a bone and help them celebrate it properly.  


  1. I have the same issue with shaving my arms. I get hot very easily and so I rarely wear long sleeves. As for growing things back, I have the reverse problem that it grows back fast enough that it become uncomfortable within a day (although I haven't tried Nair or waxing).

  2. I wanna throw this in here real quick for those considering Nair. I tried Nair on my bald head as it would take me 10-20 minutes to shave the 'ol noggin.

    I Only tried it once, and that was enough. Much like Gollum put it... IT BURNS!!!

    I have heard of a Nair designed for other body parts, but before you try slathering on any chemical that is designed to remove hair, give it a try on a small area of your chosen body part first. This is a chemical after all that destroy's hair. Hair isn't all that different from skin! Think about it.

  3. Caitlyn,

    I don't have a cap blog, but I do have a tumblr blog. I post the occasional caption there, but it is mostly pictures that I find delicious. Feel free to take a look and borrow anything you like if you get inspired. Here's the URL:

    If you feel like asking any questions, click the "Ask Me Anything" button at the top. I'll do my best to answer.


  4. I've never got to mess with shaving my whole body, but i have been giving an order my a Mistress to shave parts of my body. Pubic area (leaving it in a heart shape) and underarms. I would do all of me just because though. it's sooo much cleaner and feels much better.

    My brother went through cancer treatments and we had a plan to color our hair in wild and different ways, but we couldn't afford that. WE were going to shave our hair, but his treatments were fast and furious and we barely has time for much of anything else. So we focused on getting him better and used what little money we had from time to time to pay for a treat meal of his choice once he was through with that days Chemo.

    *blush* Oh.. thank you Very much Caitlyn, that is such a wonderful compliment. I'm glad I can make something that you can enjoy and possibly inspire you when your not in the mood for anything TG. ^_^ I've felt that way for a few people's works and yours is definitely on that list.

    @ petra

    That's wonderful Petra. ^_^ I wish it could be put into the links section in the blogs here, but I think for a tumbler blog it would have to go into a separate links section, like Caitlyns Links I enjoy right under the Blogs I enjoy list.

  5. Sorry to hear about your continued writer's block. I don't usually hit too many creative obstacles in creating captions and I wonder if its that I've got a baseball players mentality. In general, if you fail to get a hit 7 out of 10 times in the major leagues ... you are probably an all-star. Think about that! A 30 percent success rate among an elite group of athletes could potentially get you into the Hall of Fame. I know that every caption I make will not be the best, but "hey, they'll all be decent, because I'm Dee 'Monkey-Flippin' Mentia, and I can always make them a better caption next time."

    (BEGIN TMI warning)
    As for shaving, I always do my groinal region, and I've done my legs a few times. It is such an interesting sensation when I do shave the gams. Just lube them up with baby oil, from the thighs down, and walk around. The smooth contact of the skin rubbing ... I think I've cum without even touching my junk.
    (END TMI warning)

    Cocktoberfest? Was it HARD to COME UP with those puns Caitlyn? TAINT no one that can BEAT YOU OFF of your word play. I think we have a WEINER!

  6. @ Dee

    Not enough info! :D I need to try that right now! *giggle*

    And I never thought about baseball thing, I have writers block quite often. But Some time's not for a lack of idea's, it's trying to get started and fill in the details.

    And Taint and wiener? WOOD you please watch your language?