Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mirror Mirror

Nobody can dominate Damien!

So this is me taking a swing really just to take a swing.  Dee has been after me for awhile saying that not every cap has to be a winner, but I balked at thoughts like that preferring to strive and make nothing but home runs I know, I know, it's a little big headed of me to think that all I have made is home runs, but not even I believe that I've been that successful.  But its what I STRIVE for.  I don't remember the original quote but I've always tried to live by this.  If you shoot for the moon and don't quite make it you'll still be flying.  If you shoot for flying and don't quite make it, you'll crash and burn.  So that's what I've done with caps.. I've shot for the moon and if they miss, I hope they are at least still really good.  I try to avoid aiming low afraid that they will really suck if I don't hit my mark of an ok cap.

Now with this cap I aimed much lower.  I know I'm having problems filling out details and making them interesting and worthy of keeping in the cap.  But when I read Dee's preferences on the haven she said this:

We've been talking about sissy captions in my blog, so I wouldn't mind seeing a few captions where I am feminized and/or sissified and/or bimbotized using mind control, magic, or especially hypnosis. Might be fun to have some time in 'subspace'.

I always look at Dee as very strong minded.  A person that couldn't be hypnotized unless she wanted to be hypnotized.  But what if she used her strong minded will on herself?  Would she be the only one strong enough to hypnotize herself.

Well my mind went into overdrive.  I thought about 'Calvin' trying to hypnotize Damien and failing.  Then someone else who is better at hypnosis trying... and failing (this other person was originally Jeremy/Jennifer making a cameo.  In fact that is still Jeremy in there, but I couldn't find a good way to work in the name, and it didn't feel necessary to establish the other person's identity).  Any who, these people would then send Damien to a world class hypnotist and even he would fail.  Here the story gets a little muddled on how they convince Damien to try and do self hypnosis... but they get him to do that.  And then the story picks up with 'Umm... Calvin' part of the cap.  But I still wanted to put more of those little details in.... each failure would be turned back into a success... say Calvin tried to get him to wear a blonde pigtailed wig, and now Damien is using that on Dee Dee.  Jeremy failed at hormones... stuff like that.

But I didn't have anything except for those details.  I needed to write it as a story, and not a story board.  I MAY have been able to force it out like I did yesterday on "Anticipation - Satisfaction", but if I tried that (shoot for the moon), I probably would have stopped before it was done and lose interest in what could be a decent cap.

So I took Dee's advise and tried to make a good decent cap.  I didn't have an idea of the 'creative' angle that I normally want for Dee, but again... I wanted to make a 'good' cap.  Not a great one.

I searched around for an image of a girl with a glazed look on her face, as if she was in hypnosis... I found a few but they didn't really fit the mood I was going for. They were a little dark and I was going for a more tongue in cheek feeling.  And then I remembered Jennifer's recent cap of the girl looking in the mirror and thought that would be interesting.

And when I searched I found this image.  The cutsie pink panties and pigtails fit the mood perfectly.  I wrote out the conversation between Calvin and 'Jeremy' and thought it was pretty good.   When I threw it into Photoshop I considered writing the story over the out of focus area of the photo, but to me it looked like Jeremy's part was Damien/DeeDee talking, making it really weird 

But hey... what if I put Damien dominating Dee Dee over the blurred out part, and then made it in my regular style with Calvin and 'Jeremy' talking at the bottom?  I threw some text in there as a test and... well wow I think it really worked.  I did have to play with the text for a bit to get it obvious that there were two voices, but I didn't want to do it in another color or font, as I've used that before to seperate actuall people.  I wanted it to be the DOM voice and the sub voice.

I think it turned out o.k.  And if this is any indication, I'll start doing this more... I wasn't feeling a particular mood to cap, but by the end that feeling was getting there.  My batting average may go down, but hopefully it will stay high enough for me to make the all star game!

Oh, lately I've been showing the original files I used... well I didn't crop this photo at all or manipulate the colors, so there is nothing to show there.  And the background image was really what you see, but in blue.  All I did was change it to pink.


  1. Hey! i think you just won the game with just stepping up to the plate! Really, I think you did an outstanding job with just shooting for good. Cause I think it turned out great!

    Reading your post about the details and such that you left out would have been a great read I think. BUT! I think it would have changed the tone of the caption, I think with how you have it now, it's perfect! The bit of humor comes though wonderfully, it's sexy and cute.

    and The layout really worked for it, I completely got it from beginning to end. Dementia was talking to her self in the mirror, and the idea IS very creative I think. I just really love how Dee was the only one to hypnotize him self.

    And I REALLY Love that we get to help ditzy dee dee out. *giggle* Thanks For that. ;)

  2. first love the cap! could you point me towards the original image please?

  3. @Jennifer
    Thanks! I appreciate the comments.

    First; Thanks! Second; Sorry, I don't have the page where I got the original from. I know that I started in google images, but I got it from a string similar to 'Sexy Woman Mirror' but I found an o.k. image, went to the site that the image was hosted at, looked at their other images, and found this one. Sadly I don't remember the exact search term, or the image that drew me into the site, and of course I don't remember the actual site. I did find the images just now, but it was on a blog that redirected me to a 'Glee' blog *shiver*.

    If you really want the image I can pull it out of my Photoshop file and post it here though. Just let me know.

  4. Ironically, i *AM* very hard to hypnotize .. which sort of sucks because I would really love to be able to relax, which is something they always ask you to do. I also tend to question everything I see.

    As I had stated in your last question response, I think the ballplayer mentality is a good one to take, and hitting .300 is an achievement that gets you into the all-star game. I always liked the "shot for the moon, you'll still be flying" quote, but I also remember the amount of times that the Wright brothers failed .. or crashed .. before, during, and after their initial flights. They actually are responsible for the 1st aviation casualty in history! They kept trying though until they actually succeeded.

    I am glad that you tried this a certain way. The caption is wonderful, and though the original story sounds like it'd be great .. it is probably better suited for an actual story than a single panel caption. What you ended up with is much better and cohesive for what you made.