Monday, March 26, 2012

Gone but not forgotten

What a way to go!

So Dee had/has a great conversation going over at her blog about listing your preferences at Rachel's Haven.  Just in case you haven't joined up at the Haven (and dear God, why haven't you done that yet!), you can list your preferences for caps made for you.  So if you really want to be transformed into a woman, have blonde hair, be tricked or lose a bet, have magic used on you, and not retain your memories from before the transformation, you can list them and then post your preferences so that people can read up on what you want out of a cap.

For the most part it works, but from the discussion at Dee's it seems that there are two schools of thought.   The first is where I sit (hence me calling it the First!)... list very little as I honestly don't have strong feelings about what I want out of a cap.  I go into a little more detail listing a few of my button pushers, but I still don't list a lot.  Dee falls into this category except she lists several DO NOTs.  As in DO NOT use male genitalia in a cap made for her.  The other school of thought is to list out exactly what you want.  Alectra would fit under this category.  She not only lists what she would like, but gives you a detailed description of her multiple personas, and indicates how she would like them to come into being.

Now I'll say that while I picked the less worthy method, I don't have anything against people that list exactly what they want.  If you want to read everyone else's responses, just click here to check it out.

The reason I brought up that conversation was that Nadine mentioned that she hadn't capped me yet, and was considering doing so if for no other reason than to check out my 'narrow' preferences.   Well I figured as I was in a capping mood, and had just caught up with the rest of my debt, that I would beat her to the punch and cap her.

Reading her preferences was easy as she seemed pretty open.  The only things that really caught my eye on the first read was that she had different names depending on the hair color used (hence this cap using Monique, and not Nadine), and that she liked boots.  Considering how much she trades with Alectra, I could see that being a direction to go in.

But Nadine went a step further and listed 17 scenarios that she was particularly fond of.  One caught my eyes.... "A rival for a woman's attention use a spell to get rid of me, however something goes wrong and I end up in that woman's body"

She also mentioned that she didn't have a strong perference to rating, so I figured I would feed my mood to do something XXX.  I flipped through a few pictures at Fuskator, and remembered an image set that I had wanted to cap and that would work perfectly.  It took me awhile to find it, but the image that I used was exactly what I was looking for.  The surprised/pleasurable expression on her face is just what I wanted.  I mean hey... how would you react if you woke up in your girlfriend's body only to get screwed from behind on the beach?

Yea... that's what I thought too.

I also liked the image as I felt it has the perfect amount of negative space to fill up with text.  So with the image opened up in Photoshop I started writing.  I got about half way through the story, and then went back to Nadine's preferences to make sure I wasn't going outside of her desires.  I realized that I hadn't done anything to consider her desires for mind alterations to be used.  I tried to do a re-write, but it didn't really come out as well as I hoped.  And I wasn't really finished, but the story was longer than the space I had for it.

Here is where I ended up, when I decided to perform some major editing:

When Henry came to he had a hard time figuring out where he was.   The last thing he remembered was getting into an argument with Calvin.  They were both trying to gain Monique's attention, and Calvin was really upset over Monique choosing him over Calvin.   

But now it felt like he was lying on the beach.   And beyond lying in the sand something felt... wrong.  He could feel the wet sand rubbing against his nude body, but was that seaweed lying on his neck?  And why did his skin feel so smooth?  Henry tried to get up, keeping his eyes closed against the bright sun but as he rose up to his hands and knees, the wrongness of the situation became very clear.  Nude as he was Henry expected to feel his manhood swing freely, but instead he felt something far different instead.  Just as worrisome as the missed feeling between his legs, was his chest.  Or rather what was hanging FROM his chest.  

Before Henry could put all the new sensations together, he felt someone place a hand on his now wide hip.  And as he heard Calvin's arrogant voice he also felt something slide INTO him from behind.  "Ahh... you're awake.  Don't mind me, I'm just going to get you used to your new body Henry.  You see Monique told me that she picked you over me because you were so much smaller than me.  She never liked being a woman, and I reminded her of how feminine she looked.  So I figured out the perfect answer to everyone's problems."

Henry's felt his body reacting to what was going on.  He felt his nipples hardening as his breath quicken as Calvin held his body still and slowly slid his big cock in and out of Henry's... pussy.  While it was incredibly disturbing, it was also incredibly pleasurable and he could only open his mouth and gasp as Calvin continued. 

"You see I have the ability to swap bodies.  Not just mine, but other people's.  Since Monique didn't really want to be a woman, and I really wanted to be with Monique, I just switched your bodies out.  She gets to live out her fantasy of being a man, and I get my fantasy of having you.... Monique... as my girlfriend.  You'll soon love being my girlfriend Monique.....

As you can see I would have to have at least another paragraph to go over any mental manipulations (or at least add about a paragraph's worth of text into what I had already written), and I still needed a good ending paragraph.  So instead I went back and kept the beginning but wrote out a different situation.  Instead of just being given Monique's body, Henry would be a passenger in her body without her being aware of it.  I'll freely admit that I'm not a big fan of mental alterations, so I hope that this is what Nadine was going after.  I also shortened it up quite a bit, just so that there was enough room for the reader to fill in some details.  

But that's part of the fun in capping someone new.  I get to see how she reacts, and see if it went over well.  Overall I'm happy with it, but a lot of that has to do with the image itself.  Hell, I didn't even crop it!  


  1. Amazing story and very appropriate and wonderful caption!

  2. This one was definitely a "button pusher". Loved it, loved it, loved it.