Monday, March 26, 2012

This Doesn't Seem Quite Right

...but trust your hypnotist.  It IS right!

So while I was on sabbatical, Dee made me a cute cap that gave me a big smile.   It turned out I needed that smile more than I thought.  So I when I got around to making her a return cap I wanted it to be more centered on her preferences than merely a way to stretch my creativity.  Its kind of funny as she was just hosting a discussion on preferences over at her blog (check it out here!).

So I went over to her trading gallery and read her preferences as if I had never capped her before.  Some things stood out to me.  Pantyhose, Hypnosis, and sissies.  Now I've made her a hypnosis/sissy caption before, but out of our discussions on it I realized that Dee sits about where I do.  Hypnosis in caps is fun, but it would be even better if it was more realistic.  Not like we see often where a completely straight man goes under hypnosis and is made into a sexy bombshell cock sucking simpering sissy in a matter of minutes just because the hypnotist suggested it.  So I started playing around in the back of my head trying to find a 'reasonable' way that hypnosis could really change 'Damien' into 'Dee Dee'.

At the same time I started looking for images.  Now I knew I wanted to do this as a sissy, and not as a complete transformation.  So I wanted a girl in very feminine clothes, but not showing off her breasts. I also wanted her to have either stockings or pantyhose on.    Lemme tell ya... this isn't as easy as it sounds.  But I believe that it really helped me as I searched over a couple days for just the right image, and that gave me enough time to work out a more plausible hypnosis scenario.

Now I've talked in more depth about hypnosis, but for those that don't remember I believe that hypnosis is a great way to nudge people in a direction.  And I believe that it has to work on what a person really wants.  It can't 'force' someone to do something that is completely against their morals, and when it gets close to something they are against, it takes a lot of time and 'around the way' reinforcing.

So the premise I started with was this;  Damien is a straight man that believes you are either strongly masculine or very feminine.  He could be nudged ever so slowly into femininity by making him think he is enhancing his masculinity, while making him look a little bit feminine.   And then strongly reinforce that he looks feminine and as you should be one or the other, that its only proper to keep that up.  Now by 'nudged ever so slowly', I mean SLOWLY.  Sadly the steps I had in mind would have taken about 10,000 words to properly convey.  A couple problems with that... 1) I didn't feel like writing out all of that, and 2) Dee seems to like a shorter story.

So by the time I found these images, I realized I would have to cut some corners.  I figured I could still tell the basic story, and just hint at how long it took.  I would drop the build up of why Damien was going to a hypnotist in the first place, and would just drop a few examples of how the hypnotist would keep reinforcing femininity and pushing Damien away from masculinity.

Overall I think I found a pretty good balance.  I still feel that this doesn't really convey how long I imagined it taking (I figured about a year of weekly sessions), but I think for a cap that it works pretty good.


  1. No one wanted to talk about this? Sheesh! Next time someone is all "blah blah blah hypnosis blah blah" I'm going to say, "well, you had your chance to discuss it and give input but NOOOOOOO!"

    Usually 2 or 3 panels is about as detailed as I can follow at once, especially if it is text heavy, though if you were writing it, I'd probably be able to get through it all! If you do decide to ever tackle an actual story, I think this idea might be a good one though!

  2. I was surprised that this didn't get some conversaton... now admittedly I don't get hit with the hypnosis questions all that often. And I don't get many long conversations here either.

    You know, I never talked about it, but I have tried to write several stories. They all ended about how I expected. I get excited about an idea, and write up a good scene. Then I step back and give the story a backbone. A point where it starts, some key developments, and then an ending point. These are as generally simple statements. An intro would be:

    Guy lives in apartment with old girlfriend at college. They were highschool sweethearts, but broke up as they just aren't right for each other.

    Then the points are even more simple:

    Guy mistakenly orders porn involving cross dressers. Watches it and is 'intrigued'

    Guy 'borrows' clothes from room mate.

    Guy dresses more frequently.

    Guy gets caught by neighbor who blackmails him to continue dressing.

    Guy gets much better at dressing, and fools a delivery man....

    And so on. I then go back and pick one of the points that interest me, and start writing out the scene, knowing that it will require heavy editing to match it up with earlier and later parts.

    I finish the day happy about the story, but when I come back to write more... nothing. The spark is gone. Maybe one day the spark will remain, but for now it hasn't. And at the rate that I write, I imagine it would take me months to complete a story.

    I agree, that this cap would make a good story. But its not the spark if a good story that's missing from me. Its the commitment to continue working on the story.

  3. I think that a good way of you making a "Story" would be to make it vignette style. Perhaps focusing a chapter on each "change" or step in the process. Doesn't have to be linear in how its set up, but just a moment here and there.

    Maybe something like a guy is changed, or being changed .. most of the time he goes along with it without resistance, but during lucid moments, he figures out what is happening .. and has enough control to write it down or record a video and posts it. Maybe at some point it figures it out that those moments were built into the programming to make him more embarrassed, submissive, whatever.