Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome Back

A sissy brought back home!

I figured since I'm back for at least a bit, I would come back with a cap!  It seemed only right to have a cap about a sissy trying to escape only to be brought back to her rightful place.  And once I found this image, it all fell into place.

As to why I'm back... well I've taken my test.  I still don't have the results back and don't expect to have them until later this week.  But as of yesterday afternoon I no longer have to focus on studying and getting myself ready.

Before I go any further, I would really like to thank everyone who left a comment in my previous post ("Caitlyn's Mask Must Come Off").  It meant the world to me to see all the understanding and well wishes.   I can't properly explain how hard it was to walk away like that.  Caitlyn refused to go without a fight.  I wanted to cap so bad.... but beyond that I wanted chat with my friends.

But being away really did help me to focus.  I got through all my practice exams and even studied and reviewed my little head off.  And it looked like I needed that more than I thought.  The exam was brutal.  I honestly can't guess how I did.  From what I know, people taking the test are expected to get many of the questions wrong.... it's just a matter of getting enough of them right (and no one knows exactly how many you need to get right).  I won't learn how good/bad I did... I'll just simply find out if I passed or failed.

If I pass I will become a licensed unprofessional.  My focus will turn to finding and getting a job in my field.  And I won't need to step away from this wonderful world to do that.  If I don't pass.... well then I need to buckle back down and return to studying.

But for now at least, I'm back, and I'll be pumping out some caps while I'm here.  Enjoy!


  1. What a fantastic way to be welcomed back! Don't stress too much, I'm sure you crushed that exam!

  2. Welcome back! I am sure you passed.

  3. Welcome back! So glad to be saying that and seeing your blog update! ^_^ I can't wait till you get good news on your test! You know how much I've missed seeing you around. *hugs*

    It's a great caption to return with as well! And on top of turning men into sexy, voluptuous sissy's, I see that he is pretty good at tying ropes too! *giggle*

  4. Welcome back! So cool you decided to make your return to the capping world, especially with such a nice piece of work :) I expected you to be away longer so its nice to have you back so soon, and good luck with the result, I'm sure you'll do well :)