Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Don't worry about the suit... worry about your girlfriend!

This was just a quick fun cap to write out.  After making something sweet for googs, and and flitting with something XXX for brandi, I just felt the need to make something down and dirty.  It didn't take long for to offer up something that struck me as perfect for my mood:

When I saw that expression I just had to write out this story.  I immediately knew it was a body suit cap, and an experience gone wrong.   But the other thing that really drew me to this image was the tilted nature of it.  I figured I could pull it into Photoshop, and tilt it back to normal, and that would give a nice odd shape to the image.  Here is roughly what I was thinking of:

The first problem with this is that it doesn't leave much room for text.  And now that I have the image 'right ways' it also had a lot of extra stuff in it that I really didn't want to keep.  I wanted the image to focus on 'Caitlyn' and her expression.... so I would have to crop out most of 'Jennifer' and the guy behind her.  But I wasn't satisfied with that and kept cutting pieces out.  I eventually ended up with the layout that I used.

I then wrote the story out, but this type of layout requires a lot of editing as each line really has to stand up on its own.  And when the text space gets narrow I have to sweat out each letter of each word, just to get it to fit.  I know I normally use a justified layout, but that doesn't work for me in this diaganol style.   You see the text always seems to end up with one word on a line, and to make it justified like the rest of the lines, it forced unnecessary spaces in it.  It just looks awful.

But overall I'm happy with the design, and the story... well its just fine for what it is.


  1. Very sexy, I usually dont go for bodysuit themes but you always manage to make me change my mind.

  2. Very nice. And the story could be easily continued too. I see some white frothy high pressure washers here and there in her future.

  3. Great work on this caption, Caitlyn!

  4. Great story - the surprise/trick was perfect.

  5. *gasp* I'm in the cap! I'm so sorry I didn't see this sooner! It was a lot of fun and turned out great! I wish I had giving my self some time to read the blogs, But this was a great surprise! thank you! *kisses*