Friday, July 13, 2012

beautiful Genius

A sexy brilliant wife?  What could possibly go wrong?

So this is a cap I made for Cecilia over at the Haven.  She made me a lovely cap to congratulate me on passing the NCLEX and I've finally started catching up on some cap Debt.  But looking at her preferences, kind of left me in limbo.  She doesn't have many specifics and includes the word 'any' a lot in her preferences.  Now I know we've talked about preferences, and having an open ended invitation to get creative is great... but I still get that tight feeling in my belly when I have no idea what really gets someone going.

And of course looking for images is tough.  Now there is one thing that more or less guided me in her preferences.  "I will do anything for my wife!".  So instead of looking for a great BJ pic (you know that's where my mind went to first), I figured a nice lesbian scene with her wife would be nice. Either that or a solo woman.

Of course it seems that every time I got to fuskator to look for solo or lesbian photos, I am inundated with BJ pics.  This time was no exception.  Thankfully I was strong enough to bypass most of them and focus in on what I wanted.  Humorously enough, this is the image that enticed me into the gallery:

I had no idea what she was sitting on, but the lighting looked beautiful. The gallery is of the woman playing around in a laundromat... and the image I used is of her inside one of the industrial driers. But when I saw it all I could think of was a transformation device. So the basic idea of him getting transformed by his wife to test out her new invention was born.

My first pass on the story was more of putting Cecil down. He hadn't finished college, while he married a rockstar scientist. He had a low paying job and took care of the house, while she worked long hours and made a lot of money. So when she bossed him into testing out the device he just willingly went along with it.

I wrote out most of that story before I realized two things. I didn't have an ending that was satisfying, and it felt really cold and cruel. Now I love cold and cruel, but I kept coming back go "I will do anything for my wife!", and you don't have that type of devotion for a person who is mean. So I deleted it (sorry, I didn't save it to show as a reference) and started over. This time I focused on them being a happy couple. She was still a genius, but I figured a nice absentminded trait would help endear her as a loving character. And of course hat helps lead to why he was transformed into a woman. About the only thing I struggled with in this draft was Cecilia's tone in the last line. I wanted Cecilia (the artist, not the character) to have enough room to be reluctantly transformed, but also enough room so that she could be happy about the transformation. I even cut a line showing that she was stuck this way forever.... again it gives the reader in general and Cecilia in particular the room to write out whatever specific ending she wants.

Maybe the investors aren't impressed and when they leave, Cecila and her wife find out that the machine is broke. No funding means that Cecilia is stuck like that. Maybe it's not broke but she decides to stay that way and lives happily ever after. Maybe the machine works fine and they keep playing with different bodies for the rest of their marriage.

Who knows... I wanted YOU to figure that out. I'm sure you can guess what my gutter riding mind went through. The Machine is broke, and she has to blow the investors to get it fixed. heh.

Hope you enjoy what I've given, and what you imagine as the ending!


  1. Wow that cap was perfect Caitlyn I loved the pic, how awesome it looked. Love the story good job!

  2. I know what you mean about open ended preferences, I always get angsty and worried without any sort of definite guidance too, but I think you've done a great job here. Using an interesting image you've constructed a well realised story to good effect. Great work!

  3. Thanks Ginger... I really liked the picture too. It's rare (at least for me) to come across one looking so futuristic.

    And thanks Evie. The one good thing about open preferences is when you hit it right. Cecilia enjoyed it at the Haven, so next time I cap her, I have a good place to start from.

  4. I liked this one. It feels like a happy ending to me.
    I could also have seen this as a bit of a O'Henry type story:
    "I impressed the investors so now we can afford to start a family"
    "I gave up my manhood to convince the investors"

  5. I have to admit, I sort of saw the ending coming... But it's not like you were hiding it, with the text OR the pic :)

    I enjoyed this one quite a bit!