Thursday, July 5, 2012

Trembling with Anticipation

Always try on a mask!

I have to say I always get a special pleasure when I view blogs and get directed to a place I've never been before.   This morning I was checking out Saragirl's Sissy Confessions and she had several sexy bridal images.  I saw that one was linked back to a blog called Wedding Day Sex.  Now I've always had a special place in my heart for wedding photos so of course I wandered over and perused their wares.

And what wares they have!  From fairly hard core wedding shots, to lovely brides getting dressed.  From bondage, to loving kisses.   I found capping inspiration from nearly all of them.  Here are some others there that I almost decided to cap, and the quick story idea I had for each:

 'He had promised to make my wedding day very special... I just never thought he would make me the bride!'

'Jane still hadn't returned with my body, and now after making sure her wedding went off without a hitch I find myself in front of her wedding bed.  My wedding bed. Our wedding bed.'

'The door opened and my future husband strolled in.  He told me I would be a big part of his wedding, but I thought I would be his best man... not the bride'

But even as good as these images and story ideas are, I couldn't resist the mask one.  Partly because I think it's the sexiest and most beautiful image, but also because the idea was smaller and more simple.  You see, these images are all fairly small when compared to images that I normally use.  So a longer story would require me enlarging them quite a bit where the one that I chose wouldn't need too much stretching.

Really the cap is just a fun piece of fluff, but it's something that I really enjoyed making and I'm very happy with the end result.

Oh, and if you're interested in how the story idea presented itself to me, it went something like this:

'As he pulled the mask away he prayed that this time he wouldn't change back'


  1. Mmmmm a lovely little cap! The pic is so sensous, I loved it! I am definitely going to have to check that sight out!

  2. A lovely caption! I would love to visit that store and see which mask is mine.

  3. I love wedding scenarios so thanks for sharing that awesome website with us. Your caption is exquisite, the image of silken sexy womanhood coupled with your great writing is a real turn on... loved it!

  4. The image is sensual. The writing is alluring. The concept is seductive. In the end, there is the sense of serene contentedness. Like the feeling that you try to hold onto at the end of a good dream, even as the dream itself fades slowly away. I soooo loved this one. Jenna

    1. Thank you jenna!

      I see I'm going to have to up my game on how to complement other cap artists... because you just made me blush!