Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nerdy is Sexy

You want to be sexy too don't you?

So I've had this image for a few weeks now  But try as I might, I couldn't get a story out of it.  I would either come up with a bland idea, or get interrupted once I got on a roll (and then I couldn't get back into the idea that had me going before).   I even found that Raven (whom I owed a cap to on the Haven, and was next up on my cap debt list) included  "Bookworm/Geek" in her list of Transformation Favorites.

That's not to say that the image didn't inspire some great story ideas.  "A guy gets to college and finds this book in the library.  As he reads is he is transformed into a sexy nerdy girl".  "A guy picks on the 'nerds' at school who switch out a text book for a magical book that changes him into a shy nervous geeky girl", "A guy slips on his girlfriend's 3D glasses for a move but gets transformed and leaves to read a good book".

I think all of those could be made into a good cap, but none of them seemed to work as I tried writing them out.  So this morning I got the idea of making an oblivious cap, but instead of making it from a friends point of view like I've done in the past, I'd make it from the heroine's point of view.  And honestly, the more I wrote, the more I was enjoying where it was going.  By the end, I was really satisfied with the story and thankfully found out that Raven does enjoy smuttier caps (I hadn't intended it to go that far into the X rating).

I wish I had more to say, but there isn't much more to the caption.   Oh yea... I HAD intended on doing somthing different with the title.  When I first got the image I put the text on the book to make it look like an engraving or title of the book and planned on something different for the title.  But a conversation with Dee recently made me realize that my titles are often a little to overt.  So I figured the 'book title' could also serve as the 'cap title'.

Anyway... hope you enjoy!


  1. Oooh very juicy caption! I really enjoyed the parts about Raven and the "girl" football players. Being so oblivious to the truth of the situation makes it extra squirmy .

  2. I loved it Caitlyn, I think it worked out perfectly! Loved it! Nerdy can be so sexy! I never thought about something like an oblivous cap, thanks for opening up my mind!

  3. I like the playful tone and the sense of sexy innocence. The way you twisted incompatible elements into a cohesive story was so cool. :) Jenna

  4. Caitlyn, last night I wrote you a question about Jenna's Diary, and I asked you if you would tell me what was scripted, so would you please tell me what was
    written on your ultra-cool site? I don't wish to appear pushy or rude, so if I come across as such, I'd like to apologise in advance, and put forth a suggestion for a story: a perfectly normal pregnant girl, by a freak act of fate, discovers to her shock that her brother is now the pregnant one, and in order to return to his own body, he has to give birth to 'her' baby and also breast-feed the infant? Your pantied friend, Lamorak.

    1. Lamorak,

      Thanks for your questions. I did receive and read both and will be making a [Question] post out of them. I have just been busy the last couple days.

      As to your story idea, I think it's a good one. But it's something outside of my comfort zone. Pegnancy and breast feeding personally don't do anything for me, and I find it hard to gear up for it. That being said, I'll take your suggestion as a challenge and try to make a cap out of it. I am about 7 caps in debt, so it will come after those.

  5. This caption, which I LOVED, by the way... brought to mind a couple of images I came across while I was looking for a "hot gamer girl" pic for a caption I ended up scrapping.. :(

    The images I mention had a hot or semi-hot girl with a T-shirt emblazoned "Talk NERDY to Me"... Sometimes the girl was a bit "nerdy" herself, sometimes not... Either way, it always made me smile :)

    I've often thought of using "Talk NERDY to Me" as a caption title, but can never find the time...

    P.S. There are even "Talk NERDY to Me" PANTIES, but I imagine by the time the boy GETS to those, there won't be much more "talking" :)