Monday, July 9, 2012

Getting Everything You Paid For!

Getting most of what you paid for isn't enough!

I will freely admit, I made this cap purely to have something smutty and porntastic on the blog!  Plus I was feeling particularly dirty minded and wanted to share my gutter dreams with everyone.

Sadly looking for an image took a bit longer than I thought.  Yes, I found plenty of sexy BJ and sex filled images, but they just didn't say anything beyond 'PORN'.  And while I could certainly make a cap that would match it, I do want even my porn caps to be at least a little creative.  So when I came across this image, I knew that I had it.

Now for the story.  Hmm... I could go with the 'playing dress up and a friend finds me' style cap (I really like those!), but she's nude and that doesn't really fit with the cross dressing vibe.  I could always go for the 'tried a body suit on and didn't realize it had been built for a whore' but that didn't really reference the necklace she had on, and it would feel strange to not at least mention that.  I could go for the 'body swapped with the girlfriend only to find out she's cheating on me' but the girl looks a little to willing to be surprised by pleasing a man.  So I ended up with the 'so called friend paid to have me transformed into a sexy woman and trained to be his personal sex toy'.  I figured some hypnotism style training could explain away the happy look in her eyes.

So I started writing and came up to the 'Calvin come down from the cloud' line.  I was just getting to write out a 'oh no, why did you do this, please please please don't make me do this' tirade when I got the idea of Calvin being a somewhat willing subject.  I still had the story moving toward an upset response so I didn't just want a 'oh this is perfect, thanks Jeremy!'.  So I sat back and gave it some thought.  And then it hit me... I could write it out as if he's upset with it, but turn it at the end so that he's only upset about the hair color.

Tee Hee.

Yes yes, I know it's been done before.  But not by me.  And again, it's not as though I was making this cap to impress.  So I started to write it out.. but I had a hard time making 'Calvin' bitch about the hair.  I mean... she does have very sexy hair.  I couldn't make it an angry bitching if she wanted red, because frankly her hair is close to red already.  And I don't particularly like blonde hair so I didn't want her desiring that.  So after a few more minutes of thought I made it the extra 'training' she got.

I have to admit I pictured 'Caitlyn' sitting at her bosses feet during her secretary training thinking to herself 'Damn it!! I could be flashing my frilly panties while dusting right now!"

Design wise it was a no brainier to use the empty space for the text.  I ended up writing the story JUST a touch long so that it didn't fit though, so I had to take a few minutes and make some extra space off to the right.  I used a couple methods to hopefully keep the touchup work unobtrousive... cloning, copying, layers, soft erasing, lightening and darkening areas.

Overall I think this exceeded my original neanderthal goal of 'must have porn' and has moved up to a really fun and even funny cap.  Hope you like it too!


  1. If I'm going to be a woman I want to be the one I paid for!!! make me a sexy emo girl with big tits!!!

  2. Pick source? Please? I want to know who the woman is.

    1. Oh man... I hate to say it, but I have no idea. I go the image from, but I did it in a search. Since I don't recall the search terms I used, I have no idea how to find the original publisher, or the model's name. Sorry!

    2. Do you have the name of the starting image?

    3. I'm sorry, but I don't know the name of the model, or where I got the image exactly.

  3. Love this caption. You definity ended up with a juicy one!