Sunday, July 1, 2012

Monthly Report - June 2012

Serving up 187,614/126,691 Page Views!
Welcome to the June 2012 Monthly Report.  I just got back from a fun weekend and am eager to look at some numbers!

So first, June's big numbers:

  • Total Page Views:  187,614/126,691
  • Total Visits: 34,924 (Averaging 5.37 views per visit)
  • 31,082 Visits were from refferals
    • 5,319 from
    • 2,036  from
    • 1,793  from Smitty's TG Caps
    • 1,478  from Jennifer's TG caps of Defiance
    • 1,120 from  Rauk22 Captions 
  • 2,628 Visits were direct traffic
  • 1,214 found their way here via search
    • Common search terms were: caitlyns masks, cum diet, fuskator, and medallion of zulo

June is my third highest month.  I guess I need to look at my page views in a 'Pre April of 2012' and a 'Post April of 2012' as there is a distinct difference.  I don't know if the trend will continue as I believe its more based on the number of posts I'm making.  There were several days in June with no posts at all.  

The five most viewed caps of June were:

My particular favorites (in no particular order) this month were:

  • LtSL: Friends - 961
    • I really love the image in this one.  I know I make all the LtSL caps in black and white, but that is mainly for a consistent look and easy of creation.  But this one looked great in color and even BETTER in B&W. 

  • He Simply Couldn't Refuse - 1,327
    • I think this one falls into a very sweet space.  The image and the story really work well together and the design around those parts help bring it all together.  It's nice and fairly soft and fits the 'Good guy in the wrong place' mode that I love so much.

  • His Perfect Girl - 2,815
    • This one is really fun as it's a far longer story than my current style allows.  And I'm happy to say that I still like the old design visually.  I was afraid that after a few days I would think less of it, but I really do think it stands up well!

I'm back to my faves not being on the top five viewed list, although 'His Perfect Girl' just barely missed the mark (sixth most viewed cap).  I had a lot of caps that I felt very 'meh' about this month.  I won't point them out specifically but they stories aren't anything new, and the design is fairly standard... so while I enjoyed making them at the time, they just don't hold the same value to me days later.  But part of that 'meh' creation has to do with what was going on this month.  The month started with me having a pretty bad infection that kept me away from the computer, and then seemed to quickly proceed to taking my licensing exam.   After that was the worry over the exam, and then the pure joy of finding out that I passed.  Really capping took a big backseat this month.   

Plus I made three caps for the Haven Quarterly.  I do like two of those caps a lot, but as I can't show them to you here (go buy the eZine!) I won't define them as a 'favorite' or a 'meh' cap.  

I want to thank everyone again for all the congratulations for passing my exam.  It's still hard to digest... I'm a Nurse!  

So I made 21 caps in the month of June with a total of 22 posts.  It's always hard to predict what my posting and capping will be like, but I expect July will be more like May.  More caps and most posts.  Really the only other thing occupying my time will be job searching.  


  1. Congrats on all the visits and views. I'm glad I could send so many your way. And I know what you mean about our faves vs the fan favorites. Sometimes they are the same, but a lot of times my readers have their own opinion on what my best caps were, or at least my most entertaining.

  2. He Simply Couldn't Refuse has some devastatingly hot visuals from the image you used. I loved it from the start.

    I think I'll post my actual view numbers next time I do my monthly check. Could be fun to look over.