Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Failure: Just Accept It... No One Wants You!

Cap Therapy

I didn't get the job.


  1. Damn, I'm sorry. If there is anything I can do, just let me know.

  2. Aww, I've been there too and know how it feels. Let it go and a better job will come your way :) Its just a temporary thing. You've got too much creativity and style for it to last :)

  3. Dear Caitlyn,

    Darn it! I was so hoping it would work out for you. I hope you are going to be okay. Don't give up love. Something will turn up for you. It will.



  4. Thanks everybody. Looks like losing this job lined me up to apply for another one. Sadly this one means that I'd have to give up on my dream of being a nurse, but I'm getting really good at giving up on my dreams.

  5. Life often takes us to strange and unexpected places. The career I am in now is not the one that I had set out for, nor am I in the place I thought I would be. And you need not give up on your dreams to take this new job, merely set them aside for a time. This doesn't have to be a permanent change to your path, unless you want it to be.

    1. I agree with Angel. My job, which I've been doing for 8 years now is quite unconventional for anyone that has known me for any period of time. However, it has afforded me to be in a much better position in other ways that have kept me stable.

      We've all taken detours in our occupations I think, and to he honest, I'm a much better person for doing some of the work that I had never thought I could do or accept.

      Hang in there sweetie. We are all along for the ride with you, even if in only a small way,

    2. I appreciate both of your thoughts. I too have had to give up on dreams previously... I wanted to be an optometrist and a photographer before moving myself into the nursing path. So it's not just giving up on a dream that worries me... it's giving up on ANOTHER dream.

      But maybe I don't have to worry about it. The 'other' job that I applied for has quickly turned me down. I even applied for a lower level position at the same company but was turned down for that just as quickly. It seems the Gods just want me to keep applying for Nursing positions. Maybe I'll have another interview in June or July.