Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fuck Me, Love Me, Marry Me

Word selection is just so important!

So I haven't been feeling very cappy lately.  Well.. that's not quite right.  I've wanted to make a cap but my mind has been pulled in so many directions that I can't seem to concentrate on writing out a good story.  Today I decided that I would just make a quick fun cap... just to get me back on the rails.  When I saw this image set I loved how her tattoos looked.  Cure, funny, and just a little home made.

So I sat down to write. This wasn't going to be for anyone in particular as I had no idea if it would be any good. And after writing the first draft, I almost just dumped it all.  The story came easy enough, but the ending just didn't match the setup. It felt like I was telling the story of a baseball game and ended up with a plane crash... it just didn't match.  Thankfully I gave it another swing.  This version of the story didn't come as easily, but at least it makes a good progression.

Here's what I wrote on the first swing:


My darling sweet wife has always been so smart and willing to please me, but at the same time she can sometimes be so literal.  When I told her that I loved her and that she needed to love me, she wouldn't believe it until I had it tattooed on myself.  The same was true when I asked her to marry me.  For years I've worn those two tattoos just below my waistline.  Something that only she would see.

So I was curious when she sent me to the tattoo parlor to prove that I truly wanted us to have sex.  I mean, we've been having sex for years now.  Maybe it was just the language I used... she confided to me that she wanted some more dirty talk in the bedroom, so I told her that I wanted her to fuck me.   When I got back and showed her my new tat she just clucked her tongue and injected me with something.

And now here we are.  It's been a year and many surgeries since I got that tattoo.  Whenever I tried to protest she just smiled and promised to follow what I REALLY wanted.  As I slide up my new pretty pink panties I'll have to make sure to cover up only the last tattoo.  I want the man that my wife has brought home to love me and fuck me... just not to marry me!

I'm overall pretty happy with the cap.  Laying out the text looked like it would be a problem, but selecting the area between the girls stockings and using that selection to color in the text worked out easy enough.

Hope ya like it, and more importantly I hope it spurs me on to do something better.

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  1. I like it. Role reversal is awesome! Especially the unexpected role change.