Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sinister Selections

Choose wisely!

I think I've been setting my goals a little to high lately.  I have a couple images picked out along with the backbone of what I believe will be a good story.   Not only will it be a squrimer, but it matches up with AnneOniMouse's preferences (Anne is next up on my cap debt list).  The problem is that the cap will take some delicate writing... I want it to be a mix of "Aww... that's sweet", "Ohh... that's Hot!", and "Umm... that's uncomfortable!".

I can picture the story... I just can't seem to get geared up to write it.  And even when I look for something else to cap I keep those same writing goals in mind which makes writing a simple fun cap out of the question.   So this morning I vowed to write something simple.  The first image I saw that spurred on any type of story would get made.   If it was good, then I'd be happy.  And if it wasn't good... then I'd still be happy.

As it stands, I think this cap is midway in between good and not good.  The picture is so-so, the story has been used many times before, and the writing is quite obviously forced.  But for all those knocks against it, I think it still serves as a good little button pusher as Smitty often says.

As the goal of this cap was just to get the juices flowing I didn't spend to much time of the design.  But as I placed the text and title into the image, I realized that at a quick glance you might not immediately see the little minx tucked under the desk.  So I made a selection of the girls face and the guy's cock and over-saturated the color.  It was close, but I pushed it further by inverting the selection and de-saturated the remaining colors.

I think the cap stands up well on it's own.  I certainly don't think it would be worth giving to someone, but those looking for a quick thrill should enjoy it.  Hopefully this works out and I'll be able to tackle Anne's cap later today.


  1. I'm going to have to agree with you on this one. It's certainly not a bad caption, but it's really not up to the Caitlyn bar. The story is a bit squirmy, but much more straightforward than the majority of your work. I understand what you were trying to do with the saturation, but I think desaturating so much of the photo left it feeling really bland overall.

    Still it's great to see the guy is such a fan of your work :p

    1. Thanks Kyra,

      It's good for me to hear that this wasn't quite up to snuff, and that it wasn't just me thinking so. Event he page views have been low.

  2. So, maybe it isn't your best. But it still involves sucking cock, so I kind of like it.



    1. O-M-G Leanne! You are such a slut! I knew I liked you ;)

  3. This kind of reminds me of a thread at dx and a certain glory hole punishment.. only with way less magic.

    I LOVE this method of answering questions to determine your punishment! You could almost make a game out of it.

    It's a straight forward cap with a very interesting method for change/punishment. And it's such a hot cock sucking office picture, it's impossible for me not to love it!