Thursday, April 25, 2013

LtSL: Bicycles

Bikes aren't sissy... are they?

So I came across this fun image set and got the idea of a recently transformed man striving to find anything that reminded him of his former life.  Of course when he tries to get into bike riding his mistress or master (I hadn't decided on that detail) sets him up with a pretty pink girls bike instead and makes him ride around the neighborhood in his fishnet stockings.

But when I went to write it, the story just fell apart.  I kept trying to write an intro that described how he came to be transformed.  Even when I ditched explaining why he was this way, I couldn't get any traction into the story.  It was really nothing more than a feminizing moment.  And what goes with simple feminizing moments better than a Living the Sissy Life caption?

Once I ditched all the details that were holding me back and just focused on the feminizing aspects, the cap wrote itself.  I was even able to come up with a fun and squrimy ending making riding a bike all that much more sissy.

Hope you enjoy it!


  1. She may not be riding a Schwinn, but watching her ride will make the boys go schwing! :p
    A lovely Ltsl uhhhh... L-word that's synonymous with caption. Lithograph?

    1. Lithograph works :) Other places use lithograph for caps at least in poster form. The bicycle concept is pretty cute.

  2. Lithograph is from Greek for stone print or writing...referring to the method of printing where an image was drawn on a smooth limestone slab with a grease pencil, and then treated with a process that makes the drawn areas absorb ink while the clean areas repel the ink. The stone is then placed in a press with paper and the image is forced onto the paper. The term is now used to describe most mechanical means of reproducing an image onto paper. I love stone lithos as an art form. And ummm yeah...sorry, I get carried away sometimes. Cool, creative cap Caitlyn.

  3. Mmmmm. Humiliation. One of the deep dark desires of most sissies. Lovely Caitlyn.

    Kiss kiss,