Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This is not a test!

Or is it?

So after I had my interview, Angel made me a fun cap about how it might have gone (You'll have to head over to The Haven to see it!). It involved me filling in for several positions that the interview was for... several sexual positions.  It was a really fun cap.   A couple days ago I saw that Cassandra was at the top of my cap debt list, and while I wasn't in the mood to cap at that moment, I remembered reading that she had recently gone in for a licensing test of her own.... and this idea immediately sprang to mind.

I actually planned on attacking this idea yesterday.  But when I got the email letting me know that I hadn't got the job... well the rest of the day was spent with a dark cloud obscuring any good thought that I had.  Thankfully I'm feeling better today (I'm still down about the whole job search thing, but not enough to darken everything I do), and went ahead with this idea.

Searching for an image wouldn't be too tough.  I figured I'd like to give Angel just as squirmy a story as she'd given me, so I was looking for a blonde girl (Angel's preferred hair color) having sex with a man.  Yeah... I didn't exactly have to turn over every rock to find a good image.  This image set seemed perfect.  Not only did it have several photos of a girl submissively having sex with a man, it's from Passion-HD... and they really know how to photograph women!

Without picking a particular image, I started to write.  Writing out what I had in mind wasn't exactly easy as I kept making the story VERY dark.  Each time I did that though, I forced myself to stop and edit it on the fly.  I didn't want my dark mood to refocus the cap.  Another problem that came up was her transformation.  I didn't initially plan on having her get transformed by mechanical arms... it just started writing out that way.  I almost changed it, but remembered how much Angel likes anime, and that seems to be an often used technique in anime porn.  Plus I've always liked it when there is some mechanical unstoppable force transforming someone and hoped Angel would like it as well.

When I got done, I had a fairly long story.  I had obviously written it with this image in mind, but didn't feel that the story really had room for another image.  Hell... I didn't even specifically write the image into the story and let it speak for itself.  So I was compelled to fit the entire story into this one image.  I'm not a huge fan of text boxes like this, but beyond heavily editing the story, it was the only way it was all going to fit.

I think it turned out ok.  I might have been able to tweak the text box (and obviously the text within it) to fit better (a little closer to the top of her head and a little closer to her tush) but changing a text box like this is a royal pain.  So, it stands as is.

I hope Angel enjoys it as much as I enjoyed her version of m interview, and I hope all of you out there enjoy it as well.


  1. Absolutely delicious!

  2. Awesome !!
    Where was this establishment located ? ;-)

  3. Oh! My! God! Amaaaazzzzzziiiinnnnnnngggggg!