Friday, January 21, 2011

Dreams and Nightmares

Its.... a little hard to explain....

I wanted to post up another cap, but the next few I have in line include things that I want to write about.  So i figured I would post one that I really can't explain.

You see I played a forum style role playing game on the Haven called The Medallion of Zulo Experience.  We had several characters that experienced the Medallion.  It was a fun roleplay as we were each transformed multiple times and 'accidently' used the medallin to transform other.  Each transoformation you did had to be accompanied by a cap (it was on the Haven after all!).

This is one that I made outside of the game for Sasha. Our characters (my female character, and her male character) had an interlude while I was drunk.  After she got transformed, I gave this to her as a Dream of hers.  The details used in the cap are all from the game and I'm not about to explain a game that had hundreds of posts.  So if you don't get certain parts... well thats not bad writing (o.k... its not JUST bad writing!).

If nothing else just look at the pictures and enjoy the gratuitous sex!

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  1. I think this cap works more or less on it's own because it's a dream. Not knowing the characters actually makes it more dreamlike for the reader.

    Of course I wonder how many people have wondered into my caps and wondered "what in the Hell is a Smitty?" I hope most decide like I did with this cap that it was steamy enough that it didn't matter if I missed a few details.