Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fantasy Trade

A fantasy cut short

So I still consider this in my 'early' phase.  I really don't remember the process, but I can see that I was progressing, but not to where I am today.

The story has great potential.  A makeover and a threesome?  But beyond mentioning it was Marcus' fantasy to have a makeover, I didn't go into any detail about how he felt.  Reading between the lines it can go either way... he loves the makeover, but doesn't want a threesome with another man.  He loves the makeover and loves the threesome.   He loves the makeover and is forced into the threesome.  Rob knows that Sue Anne is a man, or he doesn't know.

All of these variations are possible, and give the story an entirely different feel.  I look at the details, and find it lacking.   40 or so words to describe a perfect makeover?  When comparing this to the cap I made previously "The Bet" there just isn't much there.  No inner thoughts, not much action, and no description of the action beyond 'it happened'.   Right now I can't figure out why I didn't write more.  This would be near to one of my own fantasies, so you would think I could gush about it.  Dee talked about (on her blog) talked about going back and re-doing some old caps.  I think if I were going to redo a cap, this would be it.  There is just to much delicious details left out.  It would most certainly be a multi page cap.

Design wise it is acceptable.  Not great but as good as my more recent caps.

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