Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hold That Pose

Ah to be forced into giving a good time and modeling!

Another earlier cap I made.  The only thing I remember about this cap I can recall is having a vague idea of waking up dressed like a woman and being forced to act like one or face some bad condequences.  I had this image laying around and figured it would work for the cap.  I just needed to plug details into the vague idea.

'Waking up dressed like a woman' becomes being dressed like a woman, but also having prosthetic parts glued on.  'Being forced' becomes being blackmailed because of a crude rude comment.  'Act like one' becomes giving a man a good time (I purposely left that vague so people cold insert their own 'good time' into the story). 'Face the consequences' becomes having your face plastered over your business website dressed as is.

Not new by any means, but I hadn't explored that particular concept myself. I think it turned out alright.  My main problem is the image.... I wanted to crop it down as close to the subjects as I could, but this leaves that large empty space in the middle.  Now a days i would have cropped out 'Autumn and her Camera' as one image, and then put 'Brian' into another image.  that way I could have them almost side by side.

One a side note, this is the only time I've used the idea of breast forms being 'clipped' to the person's nipples. I don't know why I don't work that in more, as that idea always really turns me on.  My biggest complaint of breast forms (not that I've ever worn any) is that when someone tweaks your new nipples, you would have no idea how it felt. I imagine this clip being a bar of some sort that runs from the breast forms nipples and ends up attached to your own nipples.  When someone pinches the breast form nipples, that presure is transfered to YOUR nipples.  The bar is there so that you are always painfully aware of your new breasts movements.  Each sway would pull your own nipples back and forth.

  I know I read the concept in another story, but I can't remember which one.

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