Friday, January 7, 2011

Get into her Pink

Pinkity Pink Pink Pink!

This was the last cap I made before a nearly 3 month case of writers block (More detail on the block in "Thank You").  The writers block had already crept in a bit, and I was finding it difficult to make caps.  As I had recently caught up on my cap debt, I picked an artist who's caps I really like.  Sallid.  Looking over her preferences I found three things that I locked into:  Auburn Red Hair, Bodyswap, and Pink Panties (Her exact words: Oh and pink panties, I just adore a cute, frilly, down right girly pair of pink panties.).

I LOVE red hair. I hadn't done much bodyswap work before, so this would be something new.  I have no idea why 'pink panties' struck me in such a way.  But these three things really hit me.  So I figured a redhead wearing pink panties having sex with a fairly anonymous guy (Salli's male body!) that was wearing a girly pair of pink panties.  Easy right?  Well no... it seems that there aren't many pix of redheads wearing pink panties that have sex.  This is the only set I found after an extended search that was close.  I wasn't entirely happy is the woman is a bit older than I had intended (Salli's preferred age is 22-25... and this woman ain't 25!).  But I figured if I didn't mention her age in the story, people might look over that discrepancy.  They didn't.  One of the comments was 'Milf-tastic'.

Anywho... I had the pics and a basic story.  Salli admits in her preferences that she has an oral fetish (hey... me too!) so I figured in the story I would place that last.  Being last, I wanted it to have some significance... so my first thought was that she had to be saying something to get this situation to stop.  When properly giving head the only response is something like 'Mmmph mMmm MMM".

o.k... Bodyswapping into a redhead, with pink panties, having sex with former body and some sort of verbal back and forth that is stopped with a BJ.  Got it.  I started writing but it wasn't coming together very well.  I scrapped a few false starts, and had to edit quite a bit what I did like.  But after several hours I had the cap basically as is.

Overall... meh.  The design is o.k... but having the pics the same size, at the same angle, in the same spot is just boring.  The story is alright... but it gets kind of hard to follow.  John's body and Salli's body take on new meaning when John is IN Salli's body, and Salli is IN John's body.  I'm pretty sure there are several parts where I am not clear which body I am talking about.  I believe I am now officially not a fan of Bodyswaps.  At least when the target has sex with their former body... it just gets to confusing to write out clearly.


  1. Great series. :) I love the internal struggle working with the pictures and the rest of the story ... awesome work. :)

  2. No confusion just a fun and sneaky story.