Wednesday, January 19, 2011

[Question] why can't i stop craving these stories?

Well I've received my first question, and it turns out to be a compliment!

Why can't i stop craving these stories?

O.k... to answer this as best I can in a serious tone.   If someone craves something it is because it hits them on a deep personal level.  While I don't think as highly of my own work as others do, I do enjoy them.   I enjoy making them because even ones that don't hit my personal sub-fetishes, they all follow my fetish of a man being feminized.

So I'll start with the assumption that you follow the same fetish of men being feminized.  As you crave my work, you probably share some of my core fetishes as well.  Being forcibly and involuntarily feminized would probably top that list.  But as with any assumption, I could be wrong.  Perhaps I have hit on some other sub-fetish that you enjoy.

Now if you intended your question to be "I don't want to crave these types of stories, but I can't stop reading them... why is that?"  I have a very simple answer. Stop fighting.  You like them.  You love them.  You need them!!

Whatever you are craving, I seem to offer it.  I appreciate the thought that I could create something that people crave, and I'll strive to continue making more of it.

On a side note... do you wonder why the word "Crave" is so similar to "Craven"?  No?  Really? You never thought about that? O.k. then its just me.

And as a final note... sorry if this post seems a little disjointed.  I am working on about 8 hours of sleep over the past 3 days.  I have been kept up recently playing a WONDERFUL role playing with several friends.  It involves forced feminization in a far more craven way than I could come up with alone.  I absolutely love the role playing (both my own feminzed character, and one NPCs so far). But that love doesn't make the fingers type well, and it doesn't make the mind work quickly or efficiently.


  1. Those role-play sessions sound hot!sounds like your Friends know just what you like. *giggle* I know mine do.. ;D

    If only we didn't have to sleep.. and study.. and work.. and nano-tech was real! :D

  2. One of the things I like about your captions, even ones that don't quite connect with me, is that you have a certain style.

    I hope this doesn't sound like an insult to anyone, but I am not really a fan anymore of the standard picture (without the watermark/website marker removed) with a white box containing black text in a default font.

    I understand that way back when, everyone used Paint to make captions. It is 2011 now though, and there are a ton of freebie options out there that can at least spice up the look a little bit. Rachel's Haven as tutorials on how to create captions in 10 different programs I think, and the effort to learn is worth it I would think.

    Comic Life, when used properly, is another great tool in making captions more presentable. Bren and Jennifer are two people that have benefited the most I think from Comic Life.

    Back to my original point, you put a big amount of thought into your captions, and I always appreciate the effort.

  3. caitlyn, where are you playing these games? i'd like to play, too!


  4. I think it is great to see lots of work put into the layout of a caption but I think there is something to said about the quickie caption. You read it, get a quick fix and that's it. Also, not everyone has the time to put the effort to make it like a publishing pamphlet.

    Just the other day, it took me one hour to make a 5 page caption. I just don't have that much time to make stuff like that.

    Comic life is ok for multi-page caps and comics (e.g. dialog balloons) but I enjoy the awesomeness of photoshop for shorter stories.

    For me, I still enjoy a well written cap even if it is on a bland look.

  5. @Jennifer

    Oh yea, they know how to hit my buttons. I value my sleep, and if the roleplays weren't incredibly arousing/fun/frightening/degrading/awesome/creative/detailed then I would choose sleep.


    I agree with you on preferring caps with some design to them. I am a VERY visual person. When I first look at a cap if it is that pic/whitebackground/blacktext , I may skip by. If it has some design cues, it draws me in even before reading the story or focusing on the image. It doesn't take much design to really spice up a good story. I can understand someone just starting out not knowing how to crop out watermarks, or how to add a little color and design to a cap. But once you make a few and get into it why not take a little time to find a program that can help.


    First off; LOVE the avatar! As to where I play, it is just my friends and I using and instant messaging program. When we are all on we set up a chatroom for ourselves and play to our hearts content.


    I agree with you as much as I agree with Dee. And no.. I don't think they are opposing statements. I don't expect many people to make their caps to look like 'publishing pamphlet'. I think a quickie cap shouldn't take long at all, but how long does it take to throw in a colored background? Change up the font color? Change the font? Add a title in a different font and color. And if you are using a program that does it, add a border or shadow on the image. Maybe a gradation to the background. All of these things take just a few second each to do.

    But I'll be honest, I really have no idea what paint can do. I've never used it, and don't know if it can be used to crop an image, let alone work with fonts and colors. But you've inspired me. I will explain in my next post.

  6. I'm with Caitlyn, that if you crave something you should give in once in a while. Now of course if you crave something that is bad for you, you shouldn't necessarily indulge.

    I don't think there is anything bad with craving the stories that Caitlyn produces. They are beautiful, smart, funny and very creative. You would be a fool to not want to see more of her work.

    Now if they are the only type of input you partake in, then there could be a problem, but let's assume that isn't the case. These stories are fantasies and there is absolutely nothing wrong with indulging in fantasies. They offer release from the grind we all go through every day.

    So I say, don't worry about the cravings. Give in and enjoy the ride :)