Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Endings

Happy Ending for who?

This is another cap that I made in the lead up to my writers block.  I don't recall much about this beyond the sturggle.  This is probably the 5th or 6th attempt at making a return cap for yunior1977 at the Haven.  yunior's interest are close to mine, but I couldn't get anything going.  I would find an image that would interest me, and spark a story, but each time the spark died a cold lonely death.  I'm not entirely happy with the story, but its not bad.  I do see at the end I was building up a rhythm (... but he took to the training well), but never re-wrote the beginning to enforce that.  In fact I know that the story was smaller I had intended, but instead of expanding on some delicious detail to two, I just made the picture bigger to take up the space.

I believe I was just happy to have something that didn't feel entirely bad.

And now several months after that case of writers block.... it seems to have returned.  Cassandra made a wonderful cap series for me at the Haven, so I find myself in cap debt once again.  But after several failed attempts I have to begrudgingly call this another case of writers block.  I have an image chosen out that will work great.  It has sparked a new idea each time I tried to write for it... but those sparks aren't enough.

I took Dee's advice and sent Cassandra a Private Message letting her know that my return may be delayed.  Thankfully she understood and is patient.

Luckily for here I have plenty of old caps to continue posting.  Hopefully writing about the process in each cap (the processes that I remember...) will help fan the flames allowing one of those sparks to ignite into a wonderful cap.

Oh... and I added a 'Have A Question For Me?' widget on the side bar.  I have seen several blogs that have these and the authors have received several interesting questions.  I'm never above copying, so I copied the idea for my blog.  If you have any questions for me, go ahead and plug it in there.  I will answer any and all questions here on the blog.

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