Friday, January 28, 2011

The Red Flower

For the love of a good man!

This is a quick cap I made for sola over at the Haven.  I hadn't really known sola that well, but we were playing the Medallion of Zulo game at the same time and our characters were quite close.  I had made a cap for everyone else in the game, but not sola.  So I decided to remedy that with this cap.

I did my normal image search and came upon this image fairly quickly.  It is one of the rare times that I had an image that DIDN'T whisper a story in my ear, but that i used anyway.  I just loved the image. It was in full color at the time, but still magnificent!

So I really had to wrack my brain for a story that would go with this image.  I knew it would have to deal with the flower as beyond the beautiful woman in the photo, it was the only thing there.  I thought about using it as a magical device to transform Luis, but just couldn't get any traction with that story.  Now one of sola's preferences (I also like the setting of my wife transforming me into one of her married friends (Ana, Gina, Ester) and forcing me to live their lives.) intrigued me.  So I started writing about being transformed into Gina.  Gina's husband was a demanding jerk, until Luis realized that he was this way because Gina wanted him to act that way.  So I wrote most of this story without the flower references first.  It didn't take long to add the flower as litmus test portion.

Now its not my normal style, but I really like this cap.  Maybe its just the image (which I adore), or my manipulations to it (change to black and white, coloring in the flower).  It doesn't matter why... I just like it.

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